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Now on DVD: 'Slumdog Millionaire', 'Seven Pounds', and 'Marly and Me'

It is a shame. There used to be a time when I would have already seen all three of these ... well, maybe not Marley & Me ... okay, I'm lying. I would have already watched all of them. Unfortunately, I can only report when they are out. Happy video watching people. Feel free to e-mail me your thoughts or leave a comment. ... ... 'Slumdog Millionaire,' 'Seven Pounds' and 'Marley and Me' top new ... Staten Island Advance - - ‎7 hours ago‎by Richard T. Ryan/Staten Island AWE STATEN ISLAND, NY -- Home entertainment critic Richard T. Ryan reviews this week's hottest new releases. ...

DVD Releases: Twilight and Bolt

I refuse to watch this until I read the book. Since I do not have the time to devote to reading Twilight, I just might break down. I am trying to hold out though. My niece says it is great though. I listen to 16-year olds now a days. That's how I stay hot. LOL. Okay, I'm lying but she does have pretty good taste. I actually got to see Bolt this weekend and I really enjoyed it. It is a great movie to watch with the kids. My son is always talking about super powers, so it was nice to talk to him about being a super hero with your spirit instead of super human powers. Since he is only five, he wasn't really feeling me though. He ran around the house trying to blow things up with his eyes. Nicholas loves to say, "I'm just pretending mommy." Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything about the special features because I did not get to watch them. Very little time to spare these day. 'Twilight' and 'Bolt' lead new DVD releases The film is will availa

How Iyanla Lost Her Home and Survived

A couple of months or so ago, I was watching the State of the Black Union hosted by Tavis Smiley and was happy to see Iyanla Vanzant on one of the panel discussions. Unfortunately, I missed when she spoke. However, I did catch a recap of her talking about how she lost her home and had gone through some emotionally hard times after losing her daughter and going through a divorce. I was curious about it and finally found an interview about her discussing her situation. I truly wish her the best. The interview is worth the read. How Iyanla Lost Her Home and Survived In a candid interview, motivational speaker and former talk show host Iyanla Vanzant opens up about losing her daughter to cancer, losing her home to a ... Iyanla Vanzant Projects

Fox plans reality show for 'average-looking people'

So, Fox is going to do a Bachelor for the big girls. The idea is that the "average" girl needs love too and should have her chance to parade and sell herself and her morals on television like all the skinny little hoochies too. I'm all for equal opportunity loving, but let's not have equal opportunity exploitation. What I'm saying is, FOX better put on a variety of women on the show and not just a whole bunch of obese women and call it being fair. All women of different shape, size, and color, and whatever else should have the opportunity to make complete fools of themselves, fighting and competing over one guy. Now if they only put plus, plus, plus size women on the show, that would be an up-in-your-face gotcha suckers! Fox plans reality show for 'average-looking people' called 'More ... Fox will produce a new reality show for "average looking people" called "More to Love." Yay! It's about time they have real-looking people o

Steve Harvey Sorta Kinda Stole His Bestselling Book Idea!

There is an author out there who is sorta kinda saying that Steve Harvey sorta kinda stole her concept for his new bestseller, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man . However, I cannot say that I am buying this one. Is it crazy to think that two books with the same title might have the same theme? Helloooo? Book titles are not held by copyright. I can come out with a book right now titled Twilight and there is nothing that Stephanie Meyers can do about it. I have heard Steve talk about publishing this book since he started the radio show especially after giving advice during the Strawberry letter. This could just be hype for the author to tie her book of the same title to some publicity. I love this part of the article, "she was hoping for perhaps some recognition that the idea for the book might have come from her." Uhhh, okay. Here goes, maybe, possible, in some sort of round about way, it could have remotely come from your book that was published obscurely by you and that I pr

Isaiah Washington facing eviction from LA home?

Truth be told, I have not seen Isaiah Washington in too many projects lately. That does not mean that the man hasn’t been getting paid. I just haven’t seen the fruits of his labor which as an actor or director that might not be a good thing. Now he allegedly owes $100,000 for unpaid rent. Who needs to pay rent to the tune of $20,000 per month? There are several foolish things going on here that baffles my mind. First off, why is he paying rent at all? I do not care if this is his third or fourth home. Why pay rent when, at the time, he could have made the investment to purchase? Secondly, $20,000 per month! Ever heard of downsizing? That right there is indicative or our problem, as a country. We are trying to keep up with the Jones so much that it leads us to make foolish decisions. Now, if he can no longer afford to pay $20,000 per month the rent, he should move out. Personally, I think there are some missing pieces to this story. Nevertheless, it is not like he got fired from Grey’s

The Long Fall by Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley has a new book out. Leonid T. McGill makes for a good read "The Long Fall" (Riverhead Books, 306 pages, $25.95), by Walter Mosley: Since his debut with "Devil in a Blue Dress" in 1990, Walter Mosley has created some of the most memorable characters in modern crime fiction: Easy Rawlins, Socrates Fortlow, Paris Minton and Fearless Jones. And he has used the imagined lives of these four proud, black men to explore the turbulent racial history of Los Angeles in the three decades following World War II.

Spiritually Speaking: Fatigue is okay every now and then

I have been feeling blah, just blah. I have been going through the motions of my day like any other but the blah was still with me. I am guessing that I was blah because I am tired. Every once in a while I get tired. I get tired of school, of work, of bills, of feeling constricted. My day to day is an ongoing journey towards fulfilling my purpose on this earth. Everyday, I try to remember that God is in it all. I have wants and desires like everyone else but I pull God in and check myself, so that I can stay focused on what He wants out of me. However, I am tired and a little disheartened that I am not further along in my journey. I acknowledge that some of the slow trudging is due to decisions I have made or actions taken that may not always serve God’s glory. I take it upon myself to acknowledge my shortcomings daily. But things are different now. Instead of running away from what God has for me, I am accepting his guiding hand. In trying to figure out which way He is pointing, in tr

No. 1 lady detective series focuses cheery Africa

Oh where’s my HBO when I really need it. Truth be told, I haven’t had HBO since my Oz days, and that was way before they stopped airing the program. The reviews on this miniseries have been predominantly positive both for the content of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and for the acting of Jill Scott. Visit HBO for more information and video. Show premiers Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 8pm. No. 1 lady detective series focuses cheery Africa By Rebekah Kebede NEW YORK, March 26 (Reuters) - "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" is the first TV series on US cable network HBO with an African female lead character, but don't expect to see much about the continent's crises and conflicts. ...

Too many tired stereotypes live 'In the Motherhood'

In the Motherhood is getting bad reviews all around. This sitcom about mothers’ daily lives was created for ABC from the popular webisodes of the same title. You know how the cavemen from Geico flopped on television? Well this might be the direction In the Motherhood is headed towards if something does not change. I was actually hoping that this was going to be a hit only because I am a mom, who gets a little crazy sometimes and could relate. I do like the cast ( Megan Mullally, Jessica St. Claire, and Cheryl Hines ) that they pulled together for this project also. Unfortunately, I do not know when I will be able to watch it and judge for myself. By that time the show might be off the air if it tanks really bad. I am hoping it does not though. The cast ensemble seems like they would be fun to watch. Too many tired stereotypes live 'In the Motherhood' It also may be why "In the Motherhood" (7 pm Thursday, WLS-Ch. 7) worked as a Web series based on real-life stories,

House band the Roots bring a new style to 'Late Night'

The Roots is the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I got a chance to catch them in action. I wish the critics would get off Jimmy Fallon’s back and at least give him a chance. He is a little quirky and takes some adjusting but we had to deal with Conan’s hair for all these years, I think we can cut Fallon some slack until he gets himself together. I have caught the show on several occaisions and he is entertaining. He is not as smooth and at ease as David Letterman but he will get better at it. His jokes aren’t as funny as Jay Leno’s but he’ll get better at that too. His brand of humor may take some adjustment but I think what he has done so far is enjoyable. House band the Roots bring a new style to 'Late Night' In short, the greatest revelation of the early stages of NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" was that it's wholly plausible that the Roots are funnier than ...

Jennifer Hudson Talks Upcoming Tour With Robin Thicke

That Jennifer Hudson has a savvy little attitude about her that just spices things up. Going on tour as a co-headliner with Robin Thicke seems like a sensible move for her right now. They can sell out intimate venues and really give the audience something to talk about. Tour dates are available on . Jennifer Hudson Talks Upcoming Tour With Robin Thicke - ‎Mar 18, 2009‎ Jennifer Hudson is gearing up for her first major tour, which kicks off in just a few weeks. The star, who released her self-titled debut album last year, ...

George Lopez's late-night gig: The host you've been waiting for?

Many have tried to put a dent the late night market but no minority has garnered the type of success seen since Arsenio Hall. Will George Lopez succeed where others have failed? He just might. His television series, The George Lopez Show, had long time, cross over success. He could possibly appeal to a broader audience. Now, if he can get the right line up, he may have a decent shot on the TBS network. George Lopez's late-night gig: The host you've been waiting for? "If change can come to the White House, then change can come to late night," comedian George Lopez told The Hollywood Reporter about his new TBS talk-show. ...

The Hypocrisy of Facebook

Now that I am using Facebook, I am a little more aware of related headlines. The article is very interesting and I can completely see why some of the issues with Facebook can be a problem for all of its users. It is easy to ignore these things when it does not affect you until one day you go to log into your account and it has been closed for some obscure reason. The fixes seem very easy: basically, disclose everything in detail up front. LOL Wait, that seems funny when talking about a business in this day in age of AIG, Ponzi schemes and failing banks. Hmmm, maybe it is not so easy after all. The Hypocrisy of Facebook PC World - ‎9 hours ago‎On the outside Facebook may look like any other social networking site, however beyond the facade lay in my opinion a blatant hypocrisy.

Bills receiver Terrell Owens gets award from Alzheimer's Association

Did the fact that he got a an award stop you or that Terrell Owens is not a Buffalo Bill? First off, congratulations to Terrell for being honored for his work in spreading Alzheimer's awareness, and congratulations to him for getting another chance with the Bills. I really, really do want to see people succeed instead of crashing and burn. If this somehow does not workout, it will be a shame and probably the last chance he gets. I hope he ends his career on a good note, instead of the negativity that seems to constantly surround him. Please, for all that is good in the world, no more crying at a press release for your QB though! That might have laying it on a little thick. Bills receiver Terrell Owens gets award from Alzheimer's Association The Canadian Press - ‎1 hour ago‎ BUFFALO, NY — Terrell Owens has a pretty good reason for missing the start of the Buffalo Bills' voluntary off-season conditioning program this week. ... Dallas Cowboys owner says TO didn't fail chem

MacGyver Coming to the Big Screen

What do you all know about that MacGyver? He was right up there with the A-Team, making a way out of no way except he was a one-man show. Now who will they get to play MacGyver? Not to type cast him but Matt Damon would be good. He might be a little too young though. Okay, so here’s my list (age is fudged a bit) Matt Damon James Franco Brendon Fraser Matthew McConaughey Viggo Mortensen I’m sure there’s a lot more but I can’t think of any. MacGyver Coming to the Big Screen Innovative soldier MacGyver is getting the Hollywood treatment, with a feature film confirmed as being in development. The TV show ran for 7 years, starring Richard Dean Anderson. Two made-for-TV films were also made after it was cancelled. ...

Is Lovelle Mixon our Real Life Bigger Thomas?

Bigger Thomas was a character in Native Son written by Richard Wright. The book sits on my shelf and I read it about every few years or so, and I am not really sure why I do that. Bigger was messed up, mean spirited, and just a screw away from stupid. I am not sure if Wright’s intention was for the reader to ever have some type of sympathy for Bigger but I never could. It started with his name I guess. What kind of name is Bigger? Anyway, Bigger found himself in a messed up situation and made it so much worst that there was no way out for him. This Lovelle Mixon reminds me of Bigger Thomas. He got into a shoot out with cops and killed four of them in the process before getting killed himself. The people who loved him and some of the people in that neighborhood are trying to make it seem as though it was not his fault. Personally, I think it was his entire fault. I am not one of those that believe the system and environment that he grew up him led him on this path to violence, incarcera

Rapper MIA's baby isn't named Ickitt - it's Ikhyd

I am really trying to be a good person here and not talk about people. What a person names her child is not news to me. However, these people make it hard to stay right. The only reason that this is taking up valuable posting time is because MIA brought this upon herself. Why? Because when this story first came out, she could have just played it cool and kept her mouth shut and go about her business. Instead she chose to address it by saying that her child is not called Ickitt and that the media should go make fun of other weird baby star names and actually named some off. I thought that was in poor taste but, hey, to each your own right. Now, if she had named her baby Stanley or Howard or Kevin or even Keyshawn or something along those lines this would be a non-issue. On the contrary, she names her child Ikhyd. Ickitt:Ikhyd. Why were you even defending yourself? I am not picking on the child’s name; God bless that baby. It’s just crazy to me that she really felt a need to defend herse

Chris Brown 'cheated on Rihanna' before allege assault

Isn't is ironic? Don't you think? A little too ironic? Yea, I really do think. This is not even really about Chris Brown and Rihanna . This is really about the irony of the situation. I am trying to figure out what a dude in that situation would be forgiven for first. Do I have to first get over that fact that my boyfriend bust my arse or the fact that he was busted cheating on me, before deciding to get back together with a brother? As if finding out your man is cheating on you isn’t enough, you have to deal with him going Bruce Lee on your butt. So are we waiting for a strike three before the final call? Chris Brown 'cheated on Rihanna' before allege assault Melbourne Herald Sun RIHANNA'S discovery that Chris Brown cheated on her with a model is reported to be the reason for their massive row which turned into an assault charge. ...

Mary J. Blige Joins Tyler Perry’s ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’

Tyler Perry is at it again and I am curious to see what he comes up with this time. The last movie of his that I watched was The Family that Preys, and I loved it. I have not had a chance to see his latest, Madea Goes to Jail. It did hold the box office number one spot for two weeks though. Mary J. Blige Joins Tyler Perry’s ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’ - ‎3 hours ago‎ Tyler Perry wastes no time counting his box office earnings, or contemplating deals. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s already begun shooting “I Can ...

Blame it on ... Jamie Foxx Video

Okay, so I just watched the video and ... it has a lot of stars in it. I think I should have watched the video before I read the headlines about it. I thought with all these big stars that it would be more than a regular video. I mean Hype Williams did his thing, but was that really a challange? Jamie Foxx looked darn good though. Maybe it was the red light. I thought I was going to have something to say about this video but it's just regular. Everyone that has more money than they know what to do with are at a club having fun, drinking. Big deal. It seems like a wasted opportunity to me. 'Blame It': Jamie Foxx parties with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard ...

'Blame It': Jamie Foxx parties with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard ...

So I haven’t had a chance to watch this vid yet but apparently Jamie has pulled out some big players to join him. I love the song … alcohol can get you in trouble people or lead to very embarrassing situations! Trust that I know this. LOL. 'Blame It': Jamie Foxx parties with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard ... Entertainment Weekly - ‎Feb 27, 2009‎ Jamie Foxx has been working that actor-singer synergy for years, but no way was I prepared for the kind of Hollywood favors he called in for his new music ...

Harvey moves 'Like a Lady' to best-seller status

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is Steve Harvey’s baby. He has been talking about the book for a while now on his morning radio show and now it has come to life. He is now a number 1 best-seller and has made appearances on Oprah, Ellen, and other talk shows. He is set to be on the Tyra show early next week as well. Like the title of his book hints, he gives tips on how to get inside a man’s head by knowing cues and learning about the situation from what is unsaid. Congratulations to Steve Harvey. Harvey moves 'Like a Lady' to best-seller status USA Today By Craig Wilson, USA TODAY No-nonsense advice about men and love from comedian and syndicated talk-show host Steve Harvey. His self-help book, ...

Sentenced to life - the father who imprisoned, murdered, and raped ...

This is the nasty, dirty, depraved old man who locked his daughter away in a dungeon, raped her, delivered her babies, and killed one through neglect. Now he has six children/grandchildren because he is the father and the grandfather. This went on for 24 years. He said the daughter ran away and she just kept sending her children for them to take care of. Now, I do not want to be mean to his wife but what the heck was she thinking or not thinking in this case? How could this man do all this under her nose? I actually feel sorry for her but I feel worse for the abused daughter and her six children. Since her mother has raised some of them, I am sure that they have to come together somehow to make this less traumatic for the children. I know that I would harbor ill feelings towards my mother, feeling as though she had abandoned me. If that is the case, for the sake of the family and children, she will have to eventually forgive her mother’s role (due to her blind folders) and move on. The

Obama makes Special Olympics crack on Leno

Obama did a great job on Leno last night. He mentioned that the banking industry needs to be reformed which was one of the issues that detractors were saying he was not focusing on. He talked about a lot of issues and made some encouraging statements and took responsibility for dealing with the current issues in the economy. Everything was going great until he made a passing remark about Special Olympics. It happened so fast that he did not have a chance to catch himself. As soon as Special Olympics came out of his mouth, I cringed. I could actually tell from his nonverbal language that he knew he just made a booboo. Truth be told, it wasn’t so bad but he is the President of the United States and just can’t afford to be politically in correct. So what are they focusing on this morning? The blunder. Forget that he handled himself fabulously and all the issues that he touched upon. Now, there is this negative aspect to focus on and let us hone in on it and break it down every which way.

Microsoft CEO Still Sees Possible Yahoo Deal

The first time Microsoft made a bid for Yahoo, it was seen as such a bad thing. Here is this big bad company trying to take over the little guy. In terms of my day to day, Yahoo is hardly a little guy but never the less, in comparison to the Microsoft giant, Yahoo is a dwarf. When they flat out declined, faught (however you choose to see it) the bid, it seemed as if David had just defeated Goliath. In the aftermath though, it seemed more like David might actually need Goliath. So, is there a future for Microsoft and Yahoo? Since Ballmer has not given up on the idea and it has not been smooth sailing for Yahoo, I think we might see this marriage or at least a long-term committed relationship actually take place in order to continue competition with Google. Microsoft CEO Still Sees Possible Yahoo Deal CNNMoney.comBy Nat Worden Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Thursday that a search partnership with Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) remains a compelling prospect and an important

Knowing with Nicolas Cage

Knowing with Nicolas Cage is just my kind of movie. National disasters, things blowing up and a little bit of science fiction make me go gaga. It is such a shame that I have to wait until all of these things come out on DVD. Soon and very soon, I will be able to give my upfront, honest reviews, but until then, enjoy my little trailer comments. Nicolas Cage shows restraint in 'Knowing' The actor plays an astrophysics professor who discovers that numbers unearthed in a time capsule have predicated major disasters. By Geoff Boucher > > > "Eccentric" can be a coded insult when it comes to Hollywood leading men unless they happen to be ...

Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen

I am so excited that I don’t even know what to do with myself. In a way it is kind of pathetic but who cares. I bust my butt working hard so I can play. I don’t know where I am going to be or what my schedule is going to be like or whatever, but when Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen comes out, I plan to be sitting up in somebody’s theater for two hours with my children in tow (they are fans too). The trailer is jaw dropping and got me jumping on my couch like Tom Cruise on the Oprah show.

Julia Roberts' Unwelcome Return

So, is it beyond the capability of a star to be gracious regardless of the circumstance? That might be the case for Julia Roberts. Apparently, she purposely and publically dissed (or snubbed for you snooty readers) an entertainment report at an event because she thought he wrote a bad review regarding her Broadway performance. The thing is that the reporter who apparently likes Julia Roberts a lot did not even write bad review when everyone else was. Roger Friedman basically put her on blast for disrespecting him in front of colleagues (I’m guessing), party guest, and other people he may or may not have to work with. She actually dissed him twice and made it known it was because of the bad reviews. Friedman, in the article, was tactful and, IMHO, actually nice about it. I do not blame him for putting it out there for his readers to know what was up and how he was treated. He could have done much worse. Was it a little measure of revenge on his part? Probably. But he was so darn nice ab

Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love

You always have to get back on your feet and move on even after tragedy hits. Jennifer Hudson is off to a great start with this single, If this isn't love . Of course, I am a little late but what else is new.

John Legend Just Kicked Beyonce Out

I just got John Legend's Evolver as a gift and, to be honest, was not all that excited about it. But when I popped that sucker into my music player it was done. There are seven reasons why you should cop Evolver : tracks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 and bonus track 14. I wish I had time for long reviews like a used to do because I would break it down for you. Just trust when I say that Evolver is hot. Now the other tracks are good too. There is only one song that I could totally do without and that is the third track, 'It's Over' f/ Kanye West . I skip over that one every time and the intro of course. I was rocking that Beyonce , I Am Sasha Fierce , for a minute but it kept ticking me off with 3 songs on one disk and 3 on a second one (I'm exaggerating a bit but it might as well have been that way). Now, I'm hooked on John Legend for a while.

Hughley’s Show to End

D. L. Hughley Breaks the News is going off air. I have to admit when I first heard of D. L. going to CNN, I was skeptical. Then I watched the first episode and I thought it was a mess. A few episodes later, I was actually glad to see him still on. The show has improved with each episode even if some of the bits have been somewhat corney. What I enjoyed is that he was insightful and entertaining. After hours and hours of taking politics so seriously, it is nice to throw in some comedy laden with sarcasm and wit, which is really right up my alley. Reportedly, the show is taped on the East coast and Hughley wants to move back to the West coast to be closer to his family. Maybe he saw the writing on the wall or maybe he has some other things brewing or maybe it was the hair. He will still be involved with CNN in some capacity, and I do look forward to seeing how that works out. Good luck D. L. Hughely. Hughley’s Show to End New York Times - ‎Mar 6, 2009‎ By BRIAN STELTER; Compiled by DAVE

Chris Brown's 'booty call' in Rihanna beating blamed on manager ...

And the plot just get’s thicker and thicker with this situation. So Chris Brown has "allegedly" (another favorite word of mine that just tickles me when I get to use it) been sleeping with his soon-to-be 40 year-old manager. I tell you, there’s some producer somewhere right now with pen and paper in hand, making sure she doesn’t miss any details. Trust, this is a movie unfolding right before our eyes. Which is really a sad situation. However, if it brings to light the dangers in being a battered woman then at least some small amount of good may come out of it. I’m not trying to take any responsibility away from anyone in this situation but just because a child is making money does not mean that child is grown. Obviously some parental guidance have been missing in this kid's life for things to get to this point. Now he is getting advice from every character in the world and some of them might not be by his side for the most altruistic reasons. Chris Brown's 'booty

Celebu-scent: Halle by Halle Berry

You too can smell like Halle. Well maybe not exactly how Halle Berry is smelling at this particular moment, but you can get her scent. Like all the other stars out there, Halle is putting out her own special scent and it’s called Halle. Look, I’m not even mad at her. If anything, she should have had some diversification popping off a long time ago. Liz Taylor made sure that even though she could not make any more movies, she was going to get paid. Although, Halle had been named the sexiest woman, those looks fade but a good business empire will last years and years after the wrinkles have set in. I’m all about entrepreneurship. Congratulations Halle. Now, let’s hope it smells as good as Halle looks. Celebu-scent: Halle by Halle Berry New York Daily News Halle Berry, dubbed Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive, is gearing up to unleash her debut perfume, Halle by Halle Berry. And what scent does the woman known ...

Diddy: I Did Chris & Rihanna a Favor by Opening My Home

Diddy: I Did Chris & Rihanna a Favor by Opening My Home As much as one tries to avoid this topic, it is very difficult with the stupidity and straight garbage that keeps coming out of various sources. People are mad at Oprah because she said that statistically, Chris Brown will most likely beat that butt again. Why are they mad? It’s true. Others are still in denial and can’t believe that Chris would “allegedly” do such a thing. RME. Um, I bet those people in the small town of Alabama where somebody flipped off and killed 9 people (most of them, his family) can’t believe that he could do it either but he did. Now, Diddy is jumping in with his wonderful womanizing self (allegedly womanizing), trying to help out. My only comment on this is that he did not do Chris and Rihanna a favor, no matter what he is fooling himself into believing. Diddy may have done Chris a favor but not Rihanna even if she does not know it. You all can think what you want to. Diddy: I Did Chris & Rihann

Madoff Employees Helped Dupe Investors, US Prosecutors Say

Madoff Employees Helped Dupe Investors, US Prosecutors Say You think? There is no way that this guy swindled over 64 billion away from his investors on his own, which is why I will contend that they know darn well the wife was up to her knee-highs in this mess too. The question is though will they get charged or will they use the threat of charging them to get the employees to drop dime on Madoff. Madoff will be entering in a guilty plea to fraud, perjury and money laundering. The report goes on to say that he may be doing that to protect his employees and possible coconspirators (I like that word, any chance I get to use it is a plus for my day). Apparently dude had family working for him, whom held high ranking positions in the company. Madoff Employees Helped Dupe Investors, US Prosecutors Say Bloomberg - ‎5 hours ago‎By David Glovin, David Voreacos and Erik Larson March 11 (Bloomberg) -- US prosecutors shed new light yesterday on how they believe Bernard Madoff’s subordinates helpe

'Twilight': Dakota Fanning will star in 'New Moon'

Dakota Fanning will join the cast of " New Moon." I can totally see her in this. Granted, I am simply going off how creepy and pale all the other actors look. Not that I am trying to diss Dakota. I think she is the cutest and most talented little actress out there. That is a young girl who seems to have her stuff together. Now this is going to be very shallow but this is Hollywood right? She is growing into a beautiful young adult. It seems she just skipped that awkward-ugly-I'm-not-sure-how-I'm-gonna-turn-out stage that child actors go through, which means she will continue to get strong roles (it's a good thing she can act too right). I am looking foward to her future work. I have to first read the Twilight books before I start watching the movies and that won't be happening anytime soon. My life is so dreary right now. Just nursing books and more nursing books. 'Twilight': Dakota Fanning will star in 'New Moon' Entertainment Weekly - ‎Mar

A New Tenant on Melrose: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Ashlee Simpson will be doing television. I do not watch the new Melrose Place even though I used to be all up on the old version. I am a bit curious about how she will do on the show. When she was doing her MTV show, before her first album dropped, I could barely tolerate her; when her album came out, though, I was pleasantly surpised that I liked a lot of her singles. Who would have thought that Ashlee Simpson would have a better music career than her sister, Jessica Simpson. I am loving her new hair color. I wonder if she will stay red for the show. A New Tenant on Melrose: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz People Magazine - ‎57 minutes ago‎ The real-estate market may be sagging in real life, but it's looking up on TV: The CW has reportedly signed a deal for Ashlee Simpson-Wentz to move into Melrose Place .

Circuit City No More

I can’t believe Circuit City is gone. The only reminder is that big red building sitting prominently in the middle of a shopping center. Truth be told, I did not venture in there a lot, but I did make some major purchases from Circuit City. I purchased my laptop and desktop and their protection plan which I never actually got to take advantage of. I guess that’s a good thing, since my computers would have had to been busted for me to cash in those plans. It seems that the impact of this major player in electronic going out of business is based more on symbolism than my actually shopping habits with the Circuit City. It is just another reminder that we are all at risk and affected by these economic down times. Whether you are lucky to have your job or unfortunate enough to have been let go, we are all impacted; some of us are hit harder than others. Some of us know to be grateful for our present circumstance even if it is not where we may want to be. At any rate, in my town, this is go

Pop queen Shakira back to her roots

Pop queen Shakira back to her roots So much for the idea that pretty girls can’t be smart too, Jeff Eldrige . Shakira is taking time out to visit schools in Columbia that she has sponsored and help build. These schools serve those in her country that have been forgotten and lost. The schools not only serve education but also hot meals to children that might not otherwise get any hot meal at home. Pop queen Shakira back to her roots BBC News We were heading to a school Shakira has funded. She told me: "One-hundred per cent of our kids that we have in our school here have been displaced or have ...

So, Chris Brown is a Rapper Now

So, Chris Brown is a Rapper Now I am not even going to talk about the unfortunate Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. There are just too many opinions about that floating around and most of them make me want to cringe. All I’m asking is when exactly did Chris Brown go from R&B artist to a rapper? I can count at least 15 news report that start out with Rapper Chris Brown … See it is subtle mess like this that make me look at people with a suspicious eye. If Josh Grobin allegedly beat his girlfriend unconscious would the head lines read, Crooner Josh Grobin … How would the headline read if it were Harry Connick Jr.? Maybe, I am being overly sensitive. Who cares if it says rapper when he obviously is not. He’s black and he’s an entertainer and he is allegedly beating up his girlfriend; it is obvious why he is called a rapper. The situation has all the right ingredients to be attached to a rapper. At some point or another, a rapper has beaten up somebody so it was an honest mistake. Rig

Amy Winehouse charged with assault

I am just going to come right out and say it. That child needs Jesus. Every time Amy Winehouse pops up in the news it is for something crazy. The chick is troubled but it is unfortunate that she might have to hit rock bottom before she gets herself together. What I like most about artist is not hearing about the trouble and drama that they can get themselves into and get out of because of the ridiculous amount of money they have. I like seeing them take their craft to the next level. I like wondering how will they top themselves with the next project or seeing them comeback from disaster like Mariah Carey and the Iron Man dude (can’t come up with his name right now lol and yes, I am leaving it, ya’ll know who I’m talking about). I like hearing about the charity work that they do and how they give back to the world. However entertaining their drama is, it only contributes to their destruction if they don’t change. Then they fade off into oblivion and all that potential and talent that w

Andrew McCarthy joins "Gossip Girl" spinoff

Although, I have not been able to watch it regularly this season, I just love Gossip Girl. Most of the time, I am scratching my head in wonderment at how these little high school kids can lead lives that are more adult than most people that I know. I have this thing about watching kids navigate through their cruel social structure. In the real world, people are a little more subtle and passive aggressive; but in the world of tweens and teens it is brutal. They do not hide much and if they do, you better believe it is part of some greater plan. Now there is going to be a spinoff? I am so excited if not a little skeptical. Obviously, it won’t have the same flavor but a young rich Lily had got to be interesting. If the premiere hooks me then they may have a chance. Andrew McCarthy joins "Gossip Girl" spinoff Reuters By Nellie Andreeva LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Andrew McCarthy has joined the cast of the "Gossip Girl" spinoff, playing Lily Rhodes' father, Ri

Two banks to return US bailout money

Banks are lining up to return bailout money to the government. Not too long after the first round of bailout cash was distributed, there were a couple of banks bold enough to come out and give interviews in which they reveal that they did not want the money because they were not in financial trouble and did not need the money. However they stated that the money was not so subtly forced on them and they were not sure how to give it back. Maybe they were not trying hard enough to figure it out. It seems that after learning about the rules and strings that come attached to the funds, several banks are making it their business to give the money back, following any process they can. Banks do not want to be attached to the stigma or the rules associated with “bail out” money (they are almost like dirty words). So, the government will get billions back. In the meantime that money is sitting somewhere in money cyber land collecting interest. Are they going to give that back too? I can’t blame

Officially done in Dallas, what's next for Terrell Owens?

When a person gets fired from a job or leaves a job on bad terms, he usually knows that he cannot put that employer on his application as a reference. Then he has to deal with explaining his last employment if he chooses not to disclose it. The common rule in the land of the lay people is to leave a job on good terms if you can help it; don’t burn bridges. Things are different in the world of entertainment and sports though. First of all, a person cannot really choose to keep his last employer secret because it is front page news along with statistics of how well he did and video tape of his actions. So there is not secret there. If he is that good and upfront with the situation then another employer is willing to take the risk. Terrell Owens has spent the better part of his career burning bridges because he acts more like a petulant child than a grown working man. Some people just aren’t meant to function in the real world. Obviously, God gave TO skills on the football field to compen

Is Craigslist the world's biggest bordello?

I’ve been on Craigslist looking for workout equipment and what not. I have ventured into the personals out of pure curiosity and oh boy. There are some freakydeaky people out there. I’m sure there are a lot of hookups that are going on between two consenting adults. Really isn’t that there business? Now if there a minor involved, that is just nasty and they need to shut those people down. Get 20/20 on the job. If there is money exchanged that is clearly breaking the law as well. However, I don’t think Craigslist has to be the police of what people do. They should be more careful in what they allow to be placed on their site, no doubt. Beyond that they can’t stop someone from answering an ad or from hunting for sex. The saddest conclusion that I gathered from perusing the personals is that people are lonely. In some way they are looking to make a deeper connection. Now, I am not talking about the freaks out there. Them aside, there are a lot of people who are just looking for someone el

Designer Baby, anyone?

Let’s make a baby. Literarily, let’s make the perfect baby. We can pick out the sex, the eye color, and make him perfect, just like Gattaca . Can you imagine being able to design your baby? Personally, I can and I can’t. I would not mind picking the sex for my second and third child. Anything else would just be too weird. Recently, I had a friend who didn’t want to know the sex of her baby and I did not even understand her. That is something I would want to know from conception. However, when we start determining eye color and other features, it gets too weird. There are so many idiosyncrasies that bind together to make a little person that we would mess it up. Our imaginations are just not that deep. Baby’s would all start to look the same; one sex would beat out the other. Discrimination would pale in comparison to what a natural child would have to go through when competing next to a special “designer” child. Of course we are not there yet, but isn’t this little adventure just the s

The Controversial Barbie

Just when you think it is safe to go to the toy store that dangerous Barbie rears her prettily coiffed head to cause a stir in the perfect little world of her. There is a lawmaker that is taking time to write up a bill to ban Barbie dolls and others like her. He is claiming that he does not like the way little girls are taught to be pretty and not smart, that Barbie promotes negative image about beauty. Why is the person wasting our tax dollars on a bill he admits is not going to get very far? Point taken. You do not like Barbies. Don’t buy them for your kid. Personally, I hate those darn Bratz dolls. My daughter has a basket full (they were a gift and I am slowly getting rid of them *he he he*) that I just can’t wait to get rid of. However, she is not looking at them as a model. You know who she looks to for that? Me and her aunt and her grandmother and the women around her. I loved Barbie as a child. Never once did I think I couldn’t be smart and pretty at the same time. My mother wa

Study: 50-Somethings at Higher Risk of HIV

Don’t get it twisted. Grandpa is still getting his groove on. You may look at a nursing home with a new appreciation for what goes on behind the closed doors. They are knocking boots and giving eachother STDs. They don’t seem to think that the safe-sex-practice rules apply to them, but according to the article, they better start thinking differently. Study: 50-Somethings at Higher Risk of HIV FOXNews "HIV prevalence and incidence in the over-50-year-olds seem surprisingly high and the risk factors are totally unexplored," the authors from the WHO and ...

Anthony says he shouldn't have been suspended

Oh, clueless rich folk. I just love them. There are certain people who just don’t seem to realize that no matter how much money they make they still live in the real world, and although they can get away with breaking some rules, there are some things that you just should not do. In business there is a dirty word that can get a person fired real quick- insubordination. Come on, regular working folk know that. I mean even when they don’t like their boss, they know that the last thing they can afford to do is be insubordinate. Now here comes this fool, not only being insubordinate, but doing that mess on national television, in front of the world and the entire team! The short of it is that Carmelo Anthony was not playing very well, but just as he got hot, the coach wanted him out. Unfortunately the boy ignored the coach and stayed in the game anyway. What?! That right there just smacks of disrespect. Maybe I should have been watching the game to get a better understanding. However, sinc

7 Chicago officers broke rules by letting boy cop go by

This is the craziest thing I have heard in a long time. A 14-year old boy got away with impersonating a police officer for over 5 hours. It went so far that the boy was allowed to go on patrol and actually drive the patrol car. What is the deal with this boy first of all? Was he trying to get attention? He first tried to buy these law enforcement issued radios but failed in that attempt then got some costume and walked right into the police department, pretending to be a cop. How could the officers not realize that the boy was not one of them? He was wearing a fake badge and it escaped there notice. Are these the same people that are gathering clues in an attempt to solve crimes? Letting a 14-year old out smart them is an embarrassment. Now this boy is either very crafty or is about to be a huge con specialist. 7 Chicago officers broke rules by letting boy cop go by Chicago Tribune By Angela Rozas Tribune reporter If he wasn't a fake—and only 14 years old—he might have been consid

Michael Jackson is at it Again

No he is not entertaining little boys in his home that we know of. He is trying to go on tour though. Apparently, he has received the medical green light and is free to get his dancing on. I love the MJ of old. I’m not even talking about the one with a broader nose and some color. I’m talking about the “Remember the Time” MJ, the bashing up cars and then turning into a panther MJ. Invincible just missed the mark, and then he went and started sharing his lunacy with the world. I liked it when I could disillusion myself with the idea that MJ was not as wacko as everyone thought. I could let it slide with a, “Oh, he’s just misunderstood.” Then Michael had to start climbing trees, dancing on an SUV in front of the court house, go on crazy shopping sprees in the middle of the night, and giving his kids masks and what not. Why oh why, Michael, did you have to give me proof that you were touched?! So, now when I am hearing that he is trying to get his tour on, I have mixed emotions. A part

We Better Not Find Out That Cell Phones Cause Cancer!

I’m telling you, years from now we better not start to get reports of how cellular telephone usage can lead to brain cancer or some crazy mess. The situation would far exceed a medical crisis and roll over into the worldwide economy. Two-thirds of the world’s population uses cell phones. That is about 4.1 billion people. Majority of those comes from the astounding mobile phone usage in developing countries. Africa went from approximately 2 percent to 28 percent. I watched a report about a year ago that said the phones and the plans were made extremely affordable. They showed clips of kids living in squalor but were rocking there cell phones like it was the most normal thing. One hopes that access to this technology will eventual lead to positive growth for these countries whether it be in health care or education, communication is the key. mocoNews - Report: 4.1 Billion Mobile Subscribers Worldwide Helps ... Washington Post There are now 4.1 billion mobile subscriptions in the world

Republicans Don’t Want Obama’s Money

Many republican states are refusing the stimulus funds allocated to their state by the recent passage of the stimulus bill. I am not a financial savvy guru or anything like that but I think I have a problem with my representative turning money that can potential help me out away based on not what is right for the people struggling in your state, but based on an ideological difference that was defeated with the passing of the bill in the first place. Hmmm, I think that is called holding on to a grudge, is it not? Since most Republicans are conservative Christians, you would think they would shy away from the whole grudge holding thing … then again you would think that their states would not be the top ones down loading porn - sorry, I’m a little off track. All I am saying is that the deal has been closed; the money is available; your state needs that money; take it! I know that we as a people, in general, have a problem with the concept of extra money because we tend to treat it as if i

High School Musical ... Again?

Okay, I have watched the first two. I have the first High School Musical DVD at home (it’s for my daughter *wink*). I wasn’t too crazy about the second installment, and from what my niece tells me, the third one was so much better than both the first and second installments of High School Musical that plan on watching it in the next couple of weeks … I mean, my daughter and I will be watching it, and we are so excited. Did I mention that my daughter is only three? Here’s the thing, just like there was something about Grease with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta and the rest of the cast that made the movie special to me, there was just something about the quirky cast of High School Musical that endeared itself to my teeny-bopper-movie-loving heart. A new cast could be very tricky and has not really worked with any of the remakes of this magnitude. Vanessa Hudgen’s sparkling eyes and Zac Efron’s confused gaze made High School Musical a touch real in lala land. Will they get a Corbin

Spiritually Speaking: Fear is Not Going to Hold Me Down!

There are times when I am stuck, times when I am frozen, doing nothing. There are times when people go with the flow even though they may be dissatisfied with the direction in which they are headed. Why then do we remain in the situation, whether it be unmoving or going in the wrong direction? Sure we can say it is because we are lazy (my favorite sometimes) or we don’t know what to do. I am sure we can come up with many reasons. How about fear? Fear can take many forms in our lives and can be a reaction to so many things like failure or pain or even success. We can feel anxious, nervous or down right trepidatious at times. I have oftentimes let fear control me more that I like to admit and sometimes not enough. The thing is that we have to learn to balance fear and use it, not the other way around. We have to learn to listen to it without allowing fear to rule our lives. Fear can motivate us and even be a little exciting. Overcoming that anxiety can be thrilling because we accomplishe

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This movie comes out May 1, 2009. This is one of those that I might have to make a sacrifice and actually go to the movies. Right now those are few and far between but the trailer looks so enticing. If the embedded video doesn't work just click on the link.

I'm Baaaaaaack ... sorta

I believe an explanation is in order. Why am I off hiatus? Well, at this point, I don’t know that I am really off. It’s just that I am on spring break from school and have a little more time on my hands and, basically, I miss Parlez Entertainment. Also, I hate publishing in two places. It makes me feel fragmented. Which is why I am adding Spiritually Speaking to my regular writings on Parlez Entertainment. is great but it is only one side of me. I feel that I cannot earnestly be as God wants me to be if I ignore who I am as a whole person. I cannot break off myself into the “Christian Wanda” who seems as if she doesn’t do wrong and the “worldly Wanda” who seems to be always missing the mark. The only thing I can do is be me. The Wanda who is struggling everyday to be a better person (as hokey and dorky and corny as it sounds) and the person God wants me to be. So, criticize me if you want, talk about me if you want or whatever … the only thing I can say is that

Snoop Dogg is Muslim

I told a couple people that I saw the headline about Snoop being Muslim and, I kid you not, they looked at me like I was trying to convince them that our economy was in great shape. Why would I make that up? Now, I am trying to be a better person and not gossip right, so I would not just say it just because it sounds ... well, however it sounds. Still people are shocked. Look, not trying to judge or anything like that. If he believes he has found the vehicle to make him better and be better than more power to him. Snoop Dogg joins Nation of Islam BBC News - ‎Mar 2, 2009‎ Snoop Dogg has revealed he has joined the Nation of Islam after appearing at the religious group's annual Saviours' Day event in Chicago. ...

Who wants a flat belly?

I do! Who doesn’t? The dieting and cosmetic surgery industries are making billions off our desperate need to look hot and sexy like some barely 20 college kid with the curves in all the right places. Personally, no one puts pressure on me by myself. I look at my barely 20 college days and think dang, she was fine. Two-kids, a slower metabolism, and many years later I am trying to make a plan to get my work out on. Nevertheless, that is totally on me. Now, if I was a star with millions on hand, the expectation would be different. First off, I should not have to complain because I have the money and the time to do all that I can to get my flat belly back. People expect it and I need to keep getting work to maintain my cash flow and my stardom. I know it is pretty sad. How about if I’m not even a celebrity? I’m just a celebrity’s wife. Now, my celeb husband is pretty darn fine and he is running around doing videos with those barely 20 college girls that don’t even know what body fat is. N

March is National Nutrition Month

What a great time to make a change in your diet. At this point, I need any excuse I can get since I am way past breaking all of my well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions. So, what does it take to get a good kick in the butt for better eating these days? Why not start with Nutrition Face Sheets from .

Terminator Salvation

I am so excited about this. I am not a science fiction nut but I do love a good dose of science fiction. So I am probably closer to the nut end of the spectrum than most thanks to my two older brothers. At any rate, I am excited about the Terminator Salvation . Keep in mind that I probably won’t get to see it until it makes it to video since my time is so limited, but I can’t wait to watch. Trailers for the Terminator prequel have been popping up all over the place, so I thought I would include it here for your viewing pleasure. This stars Christian Bale Also, there’s this really good article about it on yahoo. 10 Essential Facts About 'Terminator Salvation'

Not everyone can get an iPhone

If Bill Gates if your father, forget about getting an iPhone, iPod, or iAnything for that matter. He is Mr. Microsoft and I cannot blame him, no matter how cool the kids might think it is, for banning the Apple products from his home. Let me own a McDonalds and my kids come up in my house with a Burger King Whopper. They better think twice especially when I can get them any kind of burger they could possible want. Bill Gates can get his kids any kind of tech toy they could want. The only reason they would have a need for the iPhone is to fill in their cool factor. Look, I want and iPhone but not because I am actually going to utilize all of its cool functions. I just want it because of the brand awareness and the “cool” factor associated with the brand. Now, how about Microsoft put out something better than the iPhone and make things interesting. As far as the iPod goes, I think the Zune is pretty cool. The only problem is that since it doesn’t have the brand association and “cool” fac

The Drug Lord vs. The White Collar Thief

Here is the deal; this guy steals over 50 billion dollars. His wife manages to put some away in an account with only her name on it right before the roof is blow off their house of cards, and now wants to keep some of that money. WHAT! Ruth Madoff, the wife of now infamous Bernie Madoff (probably the most hated rich dude behind Enron Exec around), is claiming that her money does not have anything to do with the fraud. Hmmm, let’s see … your husband (because there is no way you had anything to do with it) stole over 50 billion dollars and you are claiming that your 7 million dollar apartment and about 62 million dollar assets did not some way some how come from that pot of 50 BILLION. My eyes are rolling so hard right now. Now, let’s be clear. I do not approve of stealing or drug dealing. However, had Madoff been a drug lord, all his stuff (wife’s or not) would have been seized first and questions asked later. There is not way that the Drug Lord Madoff would be sitting in his penthouse