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That Exact Moment: Adjusting to a new life

That Exact Moment  It is that moment when the new normal begins as well as the adjusting. Adjusting to a new life, a new set of responsibilities and expectations that seem out of place at best. It is that moment when your life seperates into two- before the event and after the event. In my case, before him versus after him. The moment when a fact of your life becomes a point of pity. The moment when happy times or joyous occasions, no matter how far removed, are slightly tainted with what ifs, regrets, and wishes for changes that we cannot actually control.  It is that moment that forever remains with us like a dull ache. The moment that causes us to think about not being a Deddie Downer because surely we should be over it by now. When we are forever grateful that people cannot read our minds because even we are not aware when the grief monster will rear its necessary head. That moment when we become better actors than we thought was possible.  It's in that mome