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Into the Unknow

2020 here I come. Everyone is making all these promises about how 2020 is going to be. How they are going to take control of their lives, and be better and do better and flourish and conquer it all.  I have not made a New Year's resolution since I was in college (which was quite some time ago), so I won't be making any false promises about what 2020 is going to look like for me or what new leaves I am going to turn over. I am going to simply focus on enjoying the moments that have passed and be in the moment that is. However, if there is one thing that 2019 and every year before it has taught me is that you will never know what to expect. I recently watched Frozen II and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the song that Elsa sang about going into the unknown. She was willing to brave whatever was going to come her way even though she did not know what to expect and, at one point, was a little fearful of it. In reality, it is what we do every single day. That is how I am bus

Vertigo Khalid Lyrics

When the lyrics are enough. Music is another tool I use to maintain my sanity and sometimes, I do not really need to say anything about the song or the feeling it invokes. The melody and lyrics are self explanatory. What you get out of it is a personal experience. I simply enjoy sharing music that uplifts me, inspires me, and overall makes me feel good. Vertigo by Khalid is one of those songs. Image by Gerd Altmann  Vertigo Khalid Are we better off believing What the ignorance suggests? I wish living life was easy (life was easy, yeah) But mine has been a mess They say it comes with the seasons, mhm But the seasons comes and go, they go I go blurry when I'm thinking Is it me or vertigo? Criticized, who am I to give up? And breathing, what's the reason to let up Sympathize, who am I to give up? Putting on my favorite record on Are we alive? Or are we dreaming? After the ride Are you leaving? Are we alive? (Riding this, riding in this) Or are we drea

Stacy Writes: Claim Your Victory

What do you do when someone is trying to attack or fight you? You protect yourself. Do not attack them. It is written ,“You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye." That is the work of God. God sees the pathway of your attackers and sees the results of their wrongdoing. Image by mohamed Hassan  It is written that God said, "...turn the other cheek." This is the work of you- the work of turning away from the negativity that has been directed to you. Turning away from feeding it. Turning away from energizing it. Turning away from striking back. It is your work to turn towards protecting yourself and grounding yourself. It is your work to stand up for yourself in a way that does not degrade your attacker; they will degrade themselves. It is your work to stand up for yourself in a way that invites the work of God into your life. Allow his presence to shine through you as a beacon of light that will display to the world your acceptance of self and commit

Jumanji Next Level with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson

Jumanji Nex Level opened last weekend to a 60 million box office debut. All of the original case members returned with a few welcomed additions. Danny DeVito, Danny Glover and Awkwafina were enjoyable to watch in this second installment. The story takes place about a year later, after the group has gone off to college and are now returning home for winter break. Spencer, after finding himself during the first installment, is at a crossroads and seems to be suffering from an identity crisis while the other members of the group are flourishing. He decides that if Eddie helped him before then he can help again. Spencer decides to bring out the busted game and go back in. When his friends discover that he went back into Jumanji they decide to go after him. Only this time, things are not quite like they were before. With the exception of Blade II there are few sequels that are better than their predecessor. In my opinion, Jumanji Next Level is one of those. I actually enjoyed i

Get Yourself Centered

Have you ever felt unbalanced? Lately, I have been feeling completely off'. Little accidents keep happening that are not too significant in themselves but when you stream them together, they cause an ongoing irritation to my spirit. I accept that being an only parent of two teenagers comes with its built-in level of chaos. I am accustomed to a certain amount of craziness in my life; however, this nagging disturbance is apart from that. The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who know to see a problem as an opportunity. -Deepak Chopra Yesterday I came home from the grocery store with some glass items. I ended up dropping the bag and two of the containers shattered, leaving a complete mess. The day before I hurt myself on two separate occasions in silly clumsy accidents. The day before that, I completely ended up at a different destination than I had originally intended and had to backtrack. When situatio

You Are Extraordinary

Emeli Sandé is one of my favorite artists. Her voice is beautiful and soothing at the same time. Her songs uplift my spirit. Extraordinary Being is a single on her album Real Life and was also associated with X-Men's Dark Pheonix. I listen to it when I need a reminds of how fabulously awesome I am. No long post needed as the song and lyrics are enough and convey the gloriousness of our existence. Lyrics Hey, yeah You are what God imagined, you are a true perfection Baby, you're made of stars, don't let nobody tell you different You are a lot of soul, mixed with a lot of magic Look how the sky turns gold every time you're dancing You deserve all the love, why don't you let it in? Don't punish who you are for who once you have been You've got a heart of fire, it's gonna take you higher Just let it flow, look at you glow, you gotta know That you're an extraordinary being Yes, you're an extraordinary being See, your anatomy is made