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ABC's Day Break with Taye Diggs Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch ABC’s new drama, Day Break starring Taye Diggs. To be honest, it was my sincerest intention to skip this new television show. I watch too much television as it is, and I don’t need to get sucked into another show. Regardless of that, I watched the entire two-hour premier. The reason I wasn’t going to watch, the aforementioned notwithstanding, is that I thought Taye ‘s deliveries were a bit robotic from the previews and they were. Robocop aside, the program was captivating. At first I was anticipating some boring moments particularly when he started the day over but dull moments never came. There were enough questions and intrigue to keep me watching. I liked that not even the people I would expect to know what’s going on didn’t understand why or how Taye’s character, Brett (what kind of Black name is that?), anticipated certain things after he started a day over. I guess the question is whether or not the Day
General Hospital's Luke and Laura Wedding Redux Top Ten Moments With such a monumental occasion I had to do a top ten moments of the magical Luke and Laura wedding redux. This was classic GH at its best. 10. The vets. Robert, Bobby, Tracy, Allen, Monica, Luke, Laura and Sonny all in one day all, in one place, all looking stunning. 9. Lucky sober and fine and Nicholas just fine. 8. Maxie- I just love to hate her. Her back drop presence definitely made the wedding redux even more soapy. The looks between Lucky and Liz were touching. Maxie’s presence and her catching the bouquet added that extra edge to the event. 7. Location, location, location. My my the scenery at the Q’s back yard was amazing. Lila must have sent some climate conditions from heaven to create such a beautiful location with palm trees, waterfalls, and all the tropical fixings. 6. Laura was a stunningly beautiful bride even if it was bittersweet due to her eventual return to catatonia. 5. Tracey admitting that L