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Chloe X Halle Ungodly Hour

What are you listening to? I have been bumping Chole X Halle's new album, Ungodly Hour . It is giving me a morsel of peace in these crazy times. I am a little biased. I absolutely love their singing style and how their voice blends together. I love how they stay true to themselves and make music that they care about instead of catering to the masses. It is so much better when an album becomes popular organically.  Chloe and Halle have shown some maturity in this new album from the musicality, lyrics, and videos. It is nice to see their progression into womanhood. From the intro, you already know they mean business. It is simple and a little jarring because they don't sound like the little girls we were introduced to from their Youtube days, doing covers.  Ungodly Hour follows their follow up to their 2018 Kids are Alright album and it is just as enjoyable if not more. The intro on the album is almost like an introduction to the new them. They do not need to ask permission to mo

Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolia is a new Netflix series starring JoAnna Swisher, Brooke Elliott and Heather Headley.  There is just the right amount of real-life issues set against the sunshine southern country backdrop that seems to make everything better. It focuses on three long time friends as they navigate through the good and trying aspects of life in a small town called Serenity.  Heather Headley plays Helen Decatur and I just adore her. She is the smart, lawyer friend who keeps everyone's business in check. I thought her singing voice was beautiful but I enjoy her regular voice even more. She has a drawl that just puts you at ease. The voice of reason for others even though she cannot seem to get things right for herself. Dana Sue Sullivan played by Brooke Elliot is that annoying friend that you love anyway. She has a little bit of all of us which is probably why I love-hate her.  JoAnna Swisher plays Maddie Townsend who is freshly separated and has to watch as her not yet ex-husband parade

Now, about that Dishwasher?

Not to brag or anything but I use my dishwasher after big events at my house. I know! It is amazing. Like what Haitian does that. There are a few of us out there who have stepped out into the unknown and ventured into the world of using the dishwasher. It is insane. Most Haitian households have a dishwasher as a decorative piece in the kitchen. In turn, most Haitian American households are the same. Until recently, I have been one of those. But NOT ANYMORE! I am breaking free, sort of. Now there are those that have completely gone rouge and use their dishwasher regularly. I mean like weekly. 🤯 I do not know what kind of breed of Haitians these people are but I want to learn from them. I have questions. What made you want to go against the cultural norm? More importantly, how does one go about this? When you have one single dirty dish do you put it in the dishwasher all by it's lonesome until there are more? How do you fight the urge to just wash it? Even still, when there are a fe

Google That *hit

I would like someone to start a dialog with me like this, " Wanda, I was researching the history of police brutality on black people in this country and I have a few questions." Instead, people want you to tell them about black on black crime and why don't black people care about that. Or they talk about statistics that they have gathered that are curated with the intent of pushing certain agendas. Or they ask for me to educate them on certain issues without doing one ounce of research. In this day and age, if you really want to have a constructive conversation and really want to learn, you will do your part. Not only will you do your part, but you will be open to listening instead of preparing for your rebuttal to dispute and discredit not only the information that I have presented but also my actual experiences.  I understand why some people do not want to engage in this fact-finding mission. It is tiresome. We are tired. We be tired. We stay tired. Do not come at us wi

Just Keep Hoping

Miracles happen every day! The truth in that statement lies in perspective. The fact that I take a breath that fills my body with oxygen and allows me to live and move and interact with the ones that I love is a small continuous miracle. A child coming into this world is a miracle. Someone taking time to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return is a miracle. The world coming together for one cause is a miracle.  Miracles happen every day! No matter what state you are in. No matter what problem you are facing. Your miracle could be waiting for you around the corner. Just keep breathing and hoping and moving forward and seeking out the everyday miracles around us.  Stress less tip: Do not stop believing in miracles and the power of one, the power of yourself, the power of people.