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Yoga with Janelle Monae

This right here! I can get down with the yoga. Hot track.

Let's Talk about Joy

I really like to vent. No. I feel like I need to vent sometimes. The only times I talk about my joys are when I am praying and when I am venting because I preface my vent by saying I have all these great things but ... and I vent on. Talking about our joys makes better sense. It releases positive energy. So my goal is less venting and more joy. Seems simple enough. Speak out loud. What are you joyful for?

I Watch iZombie

I watch iZombie. There. I said it. When I first saw the commercial for this television show I thought, it looks like the stupidest show ever. It came on after Flash. The kids and I are all about super heroes, so we usually watch Flash together. My daughter insisted on watching this when it came on. It was weird, but she liked it. I still thought it was corny. The following week. I did not let her watch it when it came on after Flash (that's right. I took a stand). It is weird with the eating brains stuff and all that plus ... well there is no plus. That alone makes it sufficiently weird. At any rate, I let her watch it via On Demand (don't judge me). I find that I have to watch it with her though to monitor for the extremely inappropriate stuff that a nine year old (I will admit that's probably the whole darn show) should not watch. As I "monitored" her, I found my self liking the darn show.  It is actually kind of cute with the right mix intrigu

Maroon 5 Not Feeling the "Sugar"

Sugar. I love this video. Simply put, it makes me smile. I am all for things that bring a little joy into our lives. Wedding and surprises. What better way to go than that. Unfortunately, there was a little controversy. Apparently, lead singer, Adam Levine, gave a few interviews where he talked about how great it was to surprise the couples. However, since there were a few actors in the video, the whole premise was essentially debunked. Well maybe everyone over reacted a bit. First of all, it is a video. It would be a nice touch if all the weddings were real but who cares. It is a music video for entertainment purposes. Besides, the word is at least one bride was actually surprised. I think there were two real weddings and the rest were staged. Which makes sense when you think about the production and editing that have to go in to make something like that happen. Never the less, I love the video.