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Bird Box

Have you watched A Quiet Place meets The Happening ? I mean Bird Box. I love Sandra Bullock. I have not watched her in a film in a long time. I actually watched her in Oceans 8  and Gravity which was years ago and a long time for me. I was excited to see her in another project. I was also happy to see Rel. Now he is someone who took advantage of the exposure he received from Get Out . Bird Box had a strong cast of actors. Most of them have been in the game for a while giving strong performances while going under the radar, so the acting was stellar on all accounts. There has been a lot of hype going on about this movie via social media so some people have high expectations. The memes are hilarious and I can relate, especially to the one about Girl and Boy not following directions. However, if you are looking for something scary on Get Out level, you will be disappointed. The storyline is very similar to the Happening except the Happening provided us with a reason for the ph

Stress Less Tip 9: Get Creative

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. -Franklin D. Roosevelt Want to feel alive? Tap into your creative energy. Want to decrease your stress levels? Get lost in doing something that taps into your creative energy. We all have the capacity to be creative and harness the healing energy that it provides. The creative skills we had as children did not disappear. We still have them; the problem is that we may be out of practice. As we have grown into our adulthood, we carve out less time for play because we have responsibilities. This is why, for some of us, our creative energy has died down some. The good news is that we can revive it. Spend some time thinking about the things you love to do, the things that bring you joy. Spend some time thinking about the ways you like to use your hands. Is it cooking, drawing, helping others? Do you enjoy reading, writing, singing, dancing, playing around with your kids, or even walking and taking in the natur