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Poetry: Today

Today Today  this is the day  I will breathe and let go  speak unspoken truths to the one  I love - Wanda M. Toby

Poetry: My Thoughts

My Thoughts My thoughts  they enslave me  frozen, indecisive  stop the over analyzing  and live - Wanda M. Toby

Poetry: Contagion

Contagion Contagion the pain  inside my heart  diminishes when it's  along side the radiance that  is you - Wanda M. Toby

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Listen! Listen! So, I am already waiting for February like 👀🕐⏳ this for Black Panther . Then Marvel goes and drops the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and I am besides myself. Do not judge me lol. I am an admitted pop culture junkie and I have already made it clear how much I LOVE the arts: movies, books, music, all that. Therefore, when I anticipate quality work that I can allow myself to get lost in even if it is only for a couple of hours, I completely geek out. There are so many freaking characters coming to the party that I do not even know where to look. All I know is that from the looks of this trailer, Avengers: Infinity War is going to be hot fire. On another note, I feel bad for DC. They will never, every catch up. 

Loss During the Holidays

Festivities Delight  abounds, surrounds  frozen memories thaw  pain and joy swirl but I savor  them still  -Wanda M. Toby 💕💗💔💗💕 The holidays can be hard for many people because we have lost loved ones and while it is a merry time, the memories of those that are no longer with us can be bitter-sweet. Over the years, I have learned to remember the loved ones who are no longer physically with me fondly. Each year the sharp pain of their absence dulls a little more. We honor them by living beyond their expectations.

Could this be Love?

Could this be love? Could I be out of my mind or could I be caught up in the thought of spending time? -Vivian Green, I Don't Know Vivian Green's I Don't Know reminds me of new love. New love creates such a natural high that a girl could definitly lose herself. This is a fun and playful song with a good message. No matter how good it feels, we need to pause and make sure it is real because the "newness" of it all can cloud judgment.

Hold On

Hold On When lost floating away remember who you are sometimes all you need is to find yourself -Wanda Toby 💗💗💗 This poem was inspired by I'll Find you by Lecrae. I love the message behind this song. I love that there is someone you can rely that will help you and be a support. However, sometimes we seem to lose ourselves by losing touch with who we are. Everything that we need to push through and live and accomplish and love has been placed within us. We each are different and special in our own way with our own set of strength and we need to remember that and activate those gifts. Remember the ones who love us, remember to love ourselves. Remember that we are worthy and never give up.

Relieve Stress with Music

Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music. - George Eliot Just a reminder that music is a great stress reliever.  Older Posts Live Lite with Music Music Label


Bravery When you  can no longer  run away from the pain  feel it, face it and let IT run  through you -Wanda M. Toby 💗💗💗 I distinctly remember when I was swirling in the pits of darkness, I wanted to avoid the pain or at the very least mask it. At the time, I seriously considered hiding behind antidepressants and probably would have had my counselor not taken a good assessment of what I needed during that period in my life. I did dampen the pain by being so busy that I did not have time to feel. Nevertheless, your feelings and emotions and thoughts and body and mind and spirit find a way and a time to confront you with what ails your soul. At the end of it all, you will control the pain or it will control you.  Your mind, body, and soul want to help the healing process but we have to face the problem. The bravery to this is within you. You can do it. You can get through it.