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Born Tired by Jhené Aiko

  Born Tired How many times have you listened to a song? I have had Born Tired by Jhene Aiko on repeat for the umpteenth time and I still cannot get enough of it. The melody and lyrics resonate so deeply with me right now because I am dead ass tired. Sometimes fatigue seeps deep within your bones past the physical, touching soul. That is the kind of tiredness that sticks with you even after a good night’s sleep. It is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual fatigue. I think we are all experiencing that type of tired especially because COVID keeps reminding us that life is not back to normal like we thought it would be- like we want it to be.  More than that, you may find yourself tired due to other circumstances that are beyond your control, but you keep going.  “I’m tired but I’m fired up.”  It does not matter how tired you are, somehow somewhere you find the strength to keep going. Let your family be your fire- your kid, your loved one, that smile, laughter, breath, yourself

Live Your Best Life Regardless

Live your best life regardless of what other people say about you because the haters are going to hate anyway. -Wanda Toby People-pleasing will definitely have you on the path to a stress-filled life. There is no way to do it. The reality is we are living in a time in which social media allows everyone to have an opinion or a peek into our lives. Granted, you can somewhat control how much access you allow. However, there are times when that may completely be out of your control as people are quick to pull out their video cameras and record all types of situations. This of course has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, everyone has an opinion these days.  Living one’s life to please all these opinionated people will leave someone frustrated and feeling like nothing they do is right. Even within our own small circle, we cannot make everyone happy. Step back and take stock of what is really important to you; take a look at who is really important to you and how can you affect change that wil

Malcom and Marie Movie Review

Malcolm and Marie, released to Netflix on February 5th, stars Zendaya and John David Washington as Malcolm and Marie respectively. I watched the film a few days ago but had to let it marinate before I could write a review about it. It was a simple set up, two people, one set, black and white, and emotions. It was a good movie as far as acting, cinematography, simplicity, and writing. With that, I would not watch it again.  Malcolm and Marie, although a very good movie, was not my cup of tea. It is not the type of movie I would normally watch. It was way too heavy. I try not to watch those types of movies anymore. I still have not watched Kerry Washington’s American Son for that very reason.  The film is a glimpse into the life of this couple on a very big night for Malcolm in which his movie screened and the audience seemed to love it. He is high on the night’s excitement while Marie is in her head. Marie is upset and they argue about how Malcolm forgot to thank her in his speech. Then

Think before you speak

You are a master of what you say until you utter it, once you deliver it, you are its captive. Preserve your tongue as you do your gold and money. One word could bring disgrace and the termination of a bliss. - Ali Ibn Abi Talib A. S. Never is this more apparent than right now, in the age of cancel culture and political over correctness. Personally, I do not think of it as cancel culture. There are consequences to the words that one uses. I do think we live in a time when things are so politically charged that people cannot seem to differentiate between a joke and things that are actually offensive or when people are overly sensitive. It is such that those who want to get away with doing harm with their words use this to confuse people and gaslight them.  Nevertheless, we have to think before we speak, especially when dealing with loved ones. Doing this can create a landscape in which you do not create stressful situations without even realizing it. Sometimes, you can say something tha

Bridgerton Season 1

  Bridgerton Season 1 Shondaland Media brings Bridgerton to Netflix and it is worth the watch. I finished the book, The Duke and I, that season one based on for the second time. The first time was many many years ago and I did not remember most of it. I cannot wait to start reading all the books in the series. Season two has been renewed and will follow Anthony’s story to wedded bliss. Bridgerton is a bonafide Netflix hit and there are many reasons why.  The pageantry is a display to behold. The costumes, set design, beautiful and diverse cast are all eye candy for the audience to behold. The array of bright colors provided a welcomed contrast against the sometimes heavy topics that the characters had to deal with so much so that the audience was taken in and out of light-hearted banter to steamy sex to major women issues seamlessly. The acting was above reproach, music selection modernly appropriate, and pacing well put together.  Spoilers ahead Simon Basset aka Duke of Hastings playe

They Ready Season 2

They Ready Season 2 Tiffany Haddish returned to Netflix with They Ready Season 2. I am going to be honest here, I did not get through the first season of her special. Nevertheless, I am really excited that she has done this and is bringing other comics up to a wider audience. I did get through the entire seven episodes with the last one being an interview-style aftershow. Tiffany Haddish looked great in her Eddie Murphey Delirious-inspired outfit as she introduced the comics to the stage.  Godfrey kicks season 2 off with an enjoyable set. It was not gut-busting funny but he was funny and had a few really good jokes. He relays his jokes as if we are having a conversation in his living room. I have enjoyed his skits on Instagram but had never seen his standup. I am glad I got to see his set. Godfrey’s jokes were timely and relevant as well as relatable. Definitely watch the Godfrey episode. I believe you will enjoy it more than once. In my opinion, his was the best set. Erin Jackson is t