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Honor Your Pace

I have been away for close to two months now. I have no reason for this. No explanation that I can give that can account for my time away from this blog or away from writing or away from my passion for helping people manage their stress. I have no tragic story that consumed my time or a major event that occurred to give reason for my lack of commitment to this endeavor.  Taking a step back can often be the quickest way forward. - Tim Fargo I wish that I can say I took a step back with intention because that would have all this make sense. I did not. Even as I write this, it is a struggle to focus and be present in this task. However, time compells me to make an effort. Time will not wait for me to get out of my funk. Time will not wait for me to figure this out. Time will keep moving forward and taking everyone else along with it. In my mind there are people that I should be helping that I am not. Therefore, I have to make a way where one is not apparent.  I do not understand this funk