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Adele's 19

Since I have been buried under nursing books these past couple of years among other things, it is going to take me a while to catch up to certain things. In my effort, I came across Adele. I have already posted a couple of my faves from her 2008 album 19 . I have since purchased the album and must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I can't say anything more than that. out of her 12 track, I love 12. Naturally there are some that I like more than others but suffice to say that this has a bump property of 10.The girl can sang. Hmm, her, Chrisette Michelle, Sade, and Jill Scott! My dream concert!

Bust Off That Gut With the Insanity Workout

Bust Off That Gut With the Insanity Workout By Carl Barton It can be quite the dizzying experience trying to find the right workout regimen when a person decides to get back into shape. In many cases, it takes a high level of commitment to stay on track with whatever kind physical of activity and/or diet that is chosen. For people who truly desire results and have a high motor, the Insanity Workout could be the right option for a variety of reasons. The Insanity Workout is a high energy workout routine that works on the interval training method. The interval method stresses a period of high activity followed by a period of low activity. This is the key to workout regimen because it warms up muscles, builds them up, and acts as a lactic acid conditioner. By building up a lactic acid tolerance, muscles become stronger while building up someone's endurance. When applying this kind of aerobic training to the human body, the pyramid system is a base model for the workout routine.

All I Want

All I Want     She sat quietly at the corner table, waiting. As she waited those few moments, she thought that she should escape now, run away as fast as her graceful legs could taker her. She should be anyplace in the world but this luxurious hotel room. Instead of running though, she stayed, still, silent and sanguine.     This was dangerous. He was dangerous. He was all wrong. They had been over this one too many times, but she could not help wanting to feel his rough hands on her delicate skin again, and again. She wanted to taste him for this one last time. So she waited. She waited and watched as he came into the room, damp from the light drizzle outside. He smiled shyly at her. It was the same cunning smile that had ensnared her soul so many years ago. She did not care though.     For just this one moment she did not care about the lies that had separated them. For just this one minute she wanted to discard the pain and hurt for something right-now, something real. She wanted

Smile Today! Seriously, do it now!

Smile Today Smile today for no real reason at all Smile because it shows your inside beauty For your smile is flawless crooked and all Your smile does not care about your bad day A smile without a cause can feel silly From a silly smile to a silly laugh Now your no reason smile is full of joy Smile because you can regardless of ills Smile a glowing smile and be infectious Smile today for no real reason at all Pic from

Another Case of the N-word courtesy of Dr. Laura Schlessinger

On August 10th, Dr. Laura Schlessinger was having a conversation with a listener in which she was not at all empathetic to the woman’s problem and even added fuel to the fire by doing the exact thing that the woman was calling in about. The woman had a problem with her Caucasian husband’s racial insensitivity and his using the N-word. Dr. Laura in her infinite, narcissistic wisdom attempted to make a point which included her repeatedly using the N-word. I get what Dr. Laura was trying to do. She did not understand why some black people could say the word and white people could not … blah blah blah. Where Dr. Laura was wrong and where she usually is wrong is not being sensitive to her caller. Of course, there was a back lash and now she is quitting her show on the basis of freedom of speech. Really? Racism and racial epithets of any kind are wrong! Any person of any racial heritage would be offended if a derogatory slang is used to refer to them. So please stop with the, “Black peo

Best Colleges of 2011

The list is out! US News Ranks The Best Colleges where does your school stand? Rank     Florida Schools 47         University of Miami 53         University of Florida 104       Florida State University 159       Florida Insitute of Technology 179       University of Central Florida 183       University of South Florida For more on best colleges

The Book of Eli on DVD

Over the weekend I decided to just keep my bohunkus (per my daughter) home and chill with the kids. It was the first time that I have done that in a while and it was great. It felt good to stop and just chill. With that, I had some time to watch a few movies. Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler was just another romantic comedy, and as much as I love romantic comedies, this one was just regular. I cannot say to stay away from it because it was entertaining but it is not really a must see. If you like Jennifer then see it. If you like Gerard Butler than see it. If you do not care for either of them, you can pass. The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan is another one that I can wait to watch on television. I have to say that my kids liked it. I thought it was cute but again not a must see. It was just okay for me. The Book of Eli   The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman is a definite must see for so many reasons. First off, Gary Oldman is freak

Adele's Chasing Pavement

Chasing Pavement by Adele

Hometown Glory by Adele

I am partial to the piano so this Hometown Glory had me before Adele started even singing.

I love Adele

I love Adele! I know, I am a little late but her album 19 is out and I am going to get it ASAP. I could get it tonight but I still buy CD's (see, I'm late) so I will take my behind to some body's store and buy it. Her most popular song out right now is "Chasing Pavements" which I love love love, but I also really like "Hometown Glory." Let's face it, I can't wait to get the CD so it could replace Colby Callait (I have been playing her out) and Alicia Keys in my replay and replay again list. Get this girl's album people. Adele 19

Wyclef for President!: Five reasons why he shouldn't

By now the word is out. Wyclef Jean, the Grammy award winning musician, is putting his bid in to run for President of Haiti. Really? Why? In truth there seem to be more reasons why he should not as opposed to why he should run for the Haitian Presidency. First of all, I empathize with him that he loves his country and wants to do more. That is a wonderful thing and I commend him for his efforts thus far. Contrary to the negativity that has been spread about him, Wyclef has been connected to and helping Haiti for many years now. However, at this point in time, to put his bid in for the presidency of Haiti is a disservice to not only the country but the youth that he says he is trying to motivate. There are five reasons why he should NOT run for president. He has no real experience. I am not only talking about being a "politician" as Wyclef Jean mentioned on CNN. Sure he lends a hand during crisis situations but being president of Haiti is not a in-the-moment crisis situa

Recovery Sleep!: Five tips to falling fast asleep.

So after waking up this morning on only two hours of sleep, I was elated to see an article talking about "recovery sleep." Now that's what I am talking about. I believe, I am about to engage in some recover sleep tonight. Basically, the article mentions a recent research done on people making up sleeping hours. Okay, let us be honest. I do not believe they needed to spend research dollars on this. Ever heard of college students. The bottom line of the article (go to LiteVi Facebook to read it) is to avoid the need for recover sleep in the first place. Now that sounds like a good idea. So here are my tips for getting a good nights sleep. Well, it works for my kids. Strict bed time Have a relaxing bedtime routine. I figure if it works wonders for my kids why not me. Although mine will include a bottle of wine. Take a nice soothing shower bath or whatever and put on your favorite jammies. Remove the clutter on the bed. Oh no food before bedtime and empty that bladd

Lippincott's Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN® (Lippincott's Review for Nclex-Rn)

Lippincott's Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN® (Lippincott's Review for Nclex-Rn) I used this book in my last semester of nursing school and to study for the NCLEX. It is just a mess load of questions. I like it because it is broken down into different focus areas. This was extremely helpful when studying for exams. The rationales were clear concise and helpful. I wish I had used to before the final semester actually. I also used it to study for the NCLEX but I focused on the disk which doesn't have as many questions as the book but with over 1,200, I did not get through all of them. Again, the disk had clear, concise rationales as well. The format allowed for different test taking options. Between Lippincott and Saunders, I don't think a person will miss much material.

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Rn)

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Rn) Now this was a really good book for reviewing and preparing for the NCLEX. Although I used several books, I really could have only used this one as I relied on it the most. I used other books for a variety because I, personally, did not want to rely on only one editor for my questions. The main thing I uses this for was the disk. I popped that into my computer and did at least 100 questions per sitting. It took me about two and a half hours to answer the questions, review them and  go over the rationales. The rationales are very clear and it also gives strategies to answer that particular question. This is far above one of the best books I used in studying for the NCLEX. The disk is the best.   

Cracking the NCLEX-RN?

Cracking the NCLEX-RN with Sample Tests on CD-ROM, 8th Edition (Professional Test Preparation) I wanted to talk about this book since I purchased it to help me through nursing school. I would have posted something sooner but ... well, I was in nursing school :). This book was great for review and to help me understand some concepts that I was not getting. I recommend it for the review purposes. It is a great tool in that regard but as far as the disk goes and using it to study for the NCLEX? Don't waste your time putting the disk into your computer. I thought since I had it why not do some simulated study questions. Well, it was a waste of time because the questions were not written very well and there were no rationals.    But it is a great review tool.