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Don't Look Up

  Don’t Look Up Review Don’t Look Up is starring so many A-list actors that it is ridiculous all these people are in one movie. What kind of deal did Netflix offer them. I cannot help but wonder if they signed up to do this movie for peanuts and a coke? Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothe Chalamet, Meryl “freaking” Streep, Kid Cudi, Tyler Perry, Jonah Hill, and Cate Blanchett, just to name some of the heavy hitters, that have joined the cast to round out this satirical take on an extinction-level natural disaster. I would have loved to see a Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, Angela Bassette, Regina King, or any one of the numerous Black female actors to even make a cameo but alas there was not a drop of Black girl magic. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this spin on a disaster, end-of-the-world movie.  I am probably a little biased because I love satire, and I love disaster movies. Something about the brink of destruction and humans fighting to survive really makes for good programming.

You Decide: You are a Badass Everyday by Jen Sincero Part 1

I have been meaning to do a series about this book since March. Check out my previous post, You are a Badass Everyday . I am not even sure why I have not gotten around to it besides the fact that I am just not motivated like I should be which was the whole reason for why I read the book in the first place. Go figure. Which is the perfect segway into the first installment of the Badass Everyday Motivation discussion. Jen Sincero has an entire Badass Everday series where she challenges and motivates us to get to the next level. As from my previous post, I actually enjoyed the book as it was an easy quick read that was down to the point. Months have past and I have yet to start the series that I said I would. Then I was doing my Christmas shopping and saw the exact book on the shelf- You Are a Badass Every Day: How to Keep Your Motivation Strong, Your Vibe High and Your quest for Transformation Unstoppable. Clearly, I did not take the advice or stick to anything that would make an impact

Matrix Resurrections

Matrix Ressurections Matrix Ressurections is out in theaters and available on HBO max. Can we just start off by saying, we all know that it should not have been resurrected in the first place? They very much could have left well enough alone. As a huge fan of the original Matrix movies, I was skeptical at best. I watched only one trailer, one time and purposely ignored everything else. I did not want to be tainted. After going to the theaters to see the movie, I peeked at some reviews and of course, allowed myself to see different social media comments. So here goes my review. 7/10 Lower your expectations and watch it for shits and giggles and some nostalgia.  Did I already mention that this resurrection did not need to happen? I did. Okay good.  The beginning was fire. Johnathan Groff was fire.  Concept is fire. More action is needed  Some fight scenes were a little sluggish.  Moral of the story is gut-punching.  Spoilers ahead. The beginning was fire. Mind you, I was really curious a

Purpose of Life

  Purpose of Life The purpose of life is a life of purpose. -Robert Byrne What do you think about your life’s purpose? Every now and then I contemplate what that means to me. I read the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren many many years ago and really thought I had a sense of my world back then. I need to read it again because I am at a different place in my life and I do not think it will mean the same to me. There is a great deal that I can get from it because there are some basic concepts that are really universal when it comes to finding your purpose and growing personally. However, I feel that I have grown spiritually and there are some limiting beliefs in the Purpose Driven Life that I no longer prescribe to. With that in mind, I can definitely continue to grow and learn about who I am today from reading it again. That book although very popular is not the only book out there to help us work through how we feel about our life’s purpose. Do a simple google search on “life purpose

Final Destination 5

  Final Destination 5 Final Destination 5, yes they made five of these movies, is now airing on Netflix. Reminder, I no longer like watching scary movies. My heightened anxiety levels can no longer take the suspense, and anticipation of waiting on gruesome deaths. When I was much younger, I used to live for scary movies. I watched all of them and tortured my friends, at times, because I picked really bad ones to watch. Now, I tolerate them when my daughter wants to watch. Mind you, she has to do a lot of pleading to even get me to sit through a scary movie these days.   I wanted to watch Final Destination 5 though because of my history with the franchise. I remember watching the first and second films many many years ago. I barely remember the third and fourth installments, but recently watched them before watching the latest one. I actually like them all. I tend to adjust my expectations to what I am watching. I was not expecting some thought-provoking, allegorical masterpiece. They a