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Love's Quilt

Love's Quilt There is this fabric of existence in which we are bound and connected through threads of experiences, choices, loves, pains and losses Eras pass the fabric frays, weakens Still times crawls forward binding threads loosen unravel, even tear misshapen holes left in the wake Take comfort in a power unseen, understood not shallow or cavernous no matter how deep the gash, the hole mends with new life new hope new peace new joy … continuous love

Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me one arm nestled under her head the other gently resting on his just over her full breast, naked his warm ears listening Together they take breath his arms encircle her waist bare chest against her belly his warmth blanket her Together they take breath she massages his neck he, the small of her back the gesture twines itself comfortably around her heart, skip- then Together they take breath quiet in time, unmoving Together, unwittingly breathing in love