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The Avengers

I finally got to watch the Avengers. First off, I could definitely pass on the 3D. Although, I would totally go see it in IMAX. I freaken loved it! I will admit that there were some slow parts. They could have left that extra 20 mintues on the cutting room floor for an even two hours. Regardless though, those slow moments did not take away from the whole of the move. All of the Avengers held their own and brought their own brand of specialness to the table. I have to say though that Mark Ruffalo as Hulk stole the show. As much as I loved Edward Norton in his portrayal of the Hulk, I have to say that Ruffalo did not leave me room to miss Norton at all. I think that is a credit to his acting as well as the material he was given. All in all this was an A movie.

Love is Awesome!

Loving You Of you I am impressed Imperfections and all Of you I’m not just in love but In awe I think you have to be a little bit in awe of the person you love or are in love with. There has to be something about them that stands out and impresses you. When I think about the people I love, I think about who they are and what makes them special to me. I think about how much I am in awe of my children. Everything they are inspires me even when they are driving me crazy. I am even in awe of their ability to make me nuts. I am in awe of their energy and how much they can talk. I am in awe of their smile and their joy. I am in awe of their very existence. When I think about my mother, I am in awe of her quiet strength and how she gives more and more of herself. When I think about my sister I am in awe of her ability to love her kids so very much. When I think of my late husband I am in awe of his willingness to share; his generosity was beyond me. With each person that I love, I am