Love is Awesome!

Loving You
Of you
I am impressed
Imperfections and all
Of you I’m not just in love but
In awe

I think you have to be a little bit in awe of the person you love or are in love with. There has to be something about them that stands out and impresses you. When I think about the people I love, I think about who they are and what makes them special to me. I think about how much I am in awe of my children. Everything they are inspires me even when they are driving me crazy. I am even in awe of their ability to make me nuts. I am in awe of their energy and how much they can talk. I am in awe of their smile and their joy. I am in awe of their very existence. When I think about my mother, I am in awe of her quiet strength and how she gives more and more of herself. When I think about my sister I am in awe of her ability to love her kids so very much. When I think of my late husband I am in awe of his willingness to share; his generosity was beyond me. With each person that I love, I am in awe of something special that lies within.

A little bit of awe seems to go hand and hand with love. Love is too powerful to sit back and let it happen to you. I think it demands something of us. To be in awe is to acknowledge that it is beyond us. After all how can one not be in awe of God.


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