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Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer: Critics “slit the jugular” of The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer talk about how the critics' reviews (biased from behind-the-scenes shenanigans) are what killed the movie at the box office. Find the Yahoo article below. However, I contend, as a chick who absolutely LOVES trailers, that the movie just did not look to be that good. The trailer did not entice me one bit to go and drop down my hard earned money and precious time on this flick. It looked like a huge corn ball fest. Jack Sparrow as Tonto was not doing it for me. So, could it be that the movie did not do well because no one wanted to see it. Personally, I do not even listen to critics when deciding to watch a movie. I am pretty sure that I cannot be the only one. The darn trailer just looked foolish. You can be the judge though. Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer: Critics “slit the jugular” of The Lone Ranger (Exclusive)

Revolution's Preface

Revolution's Preface There's a molding phase in progress, shaping my soul I am on a springboard waiting to launch

Gil Scott Heron Poetry Binge

I have been on a Gil Scott Heron binge for the past few days. I have been deprived of spoken word for a while, so I have been indulging myself in his poetic works that naturally overflow to his music which comprise of mostly jazz and blues. Truthfully, it is the most I have listened to jazz in a while but I appreciate the mood which it puts me in. I get to thinking about what I can do or should do or aspire to do in order to see a change in this world. However, in the midst of all this thinking, I realize that I, at some point, must move past contemplation to action. I am taking active steps in that regard. To stick to the theme of this blog though, I have immersed myself in the poetic styling of Gil Scott Heron because it makes me feel lite. It gives me hope in people. Although that hope and optimism is being tested against the current socioeconomic backdrop of the middle and lower class as well as race relations. I do find it ironic, though, that so many rappers hail Heron a