About LiteVi

Why LiteVi? Well, it is really about living a light life by not letting things stress us out, weigh us down, or worrying about things that we can't change. It is about enjoying the things that we love in life. For me those things are the arts (movies, books, theater, music, etc), channeling our creative energy, spending time with friends and family, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. The most important aspect of life is making real connections that add positive energy to the world.

The other side to the "lite" part is living in the light which is basically working to be as drama-free as possible by trying to be a decent, caring, honest, and loving person. I know that sounds corny but I am a little corny sometimes. The truth is that nothing puts unnecessary weight on our lives like negative situations of our own making.

"Vi" is an ode to my cultural upbringing- Haitian. "Lavi" in Haitian Creole just means life. Thus my mission to promote a "carefree, stress-free, light and lively living."

Wanda Toby is a Certified Stress Management Coach, Certified Laughter Leader, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and Registered Nurse. She has a Masters of Health Science degree from the University of Florida and has spent the better part of her professional career in the health care industry in an effort to help people. Her focus has turned to helping people relieve unwanted stress, channel their energies in worthwhile directions, and increase self-esteem and positive self-image.

Send her an e-mail for more information on workshops, laughter club sessions, and/or one on one consultations.

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