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Stress Less Tip 13: Back to Basics

 I find that I have to get my life together on a regular basis. In any given moment, I feel like life is out of whack. It can be the slightest thing that throws me off too. I have often written about feeling as though I am going through the motions, not really connecting with my life’s purpose. Sure, I am able to hold down a nice job and maintain friendships and get my kids off to school clean and clothed which are all great but I do not find myself being fulfilled by doing the regular stuff that we should do. If anything, I find there are so many more things that I can do with my life. Who are these organized people that have clean homes, laundry folded, kids that are doing great in school, and full home-cooked meals? Who are these people that do not find themselves staring at a screen for hours on end just wasting time on foolishness? I want to know their secret because I am failing at life. By the way, I have a flair for the dramatics. I, of course, am not failing at life. Some m