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Parlez Entertainment Podcast

Yea, I am still podcasting. It has been a while since I have yacked about things. This is my latest thoughts on television and everything else. Just me going on about entertainment stuff. Almost 40,000 downloads!

Down in a Slump

I have to say that I have been feeling down in the dumps lately. Emotionally, mentally, and physically I just have not had the energy level that I did about a week back. It is almost as though my mind went on pause. You know when you look at your life and think about where you are at, it somewhat stops you when you make a comparison to what you want out of life. I am having that moment when I look at what my dreams are and how far off I am too accomplishing them. I know that I am not even remotely close. That gives me pause for a moment. Maybe I am trying to take it all in. I am not sure. Part of me knows that I am trying to formulate a plan that will work. So far, my plans have been misses. However, I figure, it is okay to pause. That does not mean I am stopping or giving up. I am just taking some time out to put things into perspective and appreciate the life that I do have. I will be out of this funk before I even know it.

News Roll Call

November 26, 2007 Supreme Court and guns Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Latest from AP, A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The last time I checked this was one of the key points in our constitution. Maybe I am nuts but I never thought they were going to change that. Crews gain upper hand on Malibu fire Reuters - By Dana Ford MALIBU, California (Reuters) - Firefighters gained the upper hand on Sunday against a fierce wildfire that destroyed 49 homes in the exclusive beachside community of Malibu, where residents were allowed to return and assess the damage. All those million dollar homes just going up in flames! I hope they had million dollar policies. It sucks to find out at the 12th hour that your insurance only covers a fraction of what you loss. Study: NY immigrants "central component" in economic growth New York Daily News - BY JOE MAHONEY Immigrants in New York -

Lil' Wayne Feels Like Dying

This video is a little freaky but hot. It is a fan made music video for Lil' Wayne's I Feel Like Dying. The boy may have some issues but I am so feeling him. This cut is hot. He is a lyricist to be reckoned with. I actually listen to his rhymes because most of the time there is always something seriously deep embedded in the hype reminiscent of Tupac stylings. Anyway, listen to this controversial single. Lil' Wayne's Yahoo Music Page Other Lil' Wayne Projects

Verizon Wireless Releases the Voyager

Crunch Gear has a really good review of the new Verizon Wireless cell phone. My husband cannot wait till he can get his hands on this phone. LG Voyager review CrunchGear, NY - 11 hours agoAs you may recall, I was a bit harsh on the Voyager a while back and I really hate when I have to take things I say back. The Voyager has come a long way ... "Let’s just get down to the nitty gritty. The VX10000 runs on Verizon’s EV-DO networks so everything is fast, but it can be clunky and video playback was bad. GPS is always a great feature to have, but when it can’t even find you in the airport with full bars that’s a bad sign. I’ll let this one slide since I did test it while waiting in the airport because I know it works outside. The touch screen, while it’s nice and bright and big, can sometimes be unresponsive or just slow. The 2-megapixel camera isn’t that great and it lacks a flash so don’t expect too much from it. Would it kill LG to add Wi-Fi? The Voyager’s predecessors always had gr

News Roll Call

Yahoo, Sony BMG Team Up For User-Generated Content InformationWeek - The deal allows Yahoo to distribute Sony BMG content through applications and widgets that the portal's users can embed in their own Web sites. As a web publisher this would be fantastic. On Youtube Sony has disabled the ability to embed any of its videos. I guess its are working out a deal that would allow it to make more money, the greedy bastards. The last time I checked the whole point of videos was to promote the artist. Does a price tag have to be attached to everything (completely rhetorical considering we are steeped in the heart of capitalism)? Wouldn’t my embedded the video on my site just help in spreading the artist popularity? Dirty greedy dogs. Still, like a crack fiend, I am anxiously waiting until I can embed their videos to my site. It is always better from the source or else I have to keep checking back to ensure the “illegal” video has not been removed. Now that is a pain in the rear. Firefox 3

Alicia Keys' As I Am

Alicia Keys’ As I Am is phenomenal. You know when you are in church and the pastor is preaching, and it seems that he is all up inside your head? Well, that is how I feel with some of her selections. Her voices seems to take on a different tone on this album. It is much softer at times and then at other times, she smacks you in the face with her power. This is a departure from both of her previous releases. I have to say that this is my second favorite album from her behind Songs in A Minor . The style is more subtle. Overall this album reminds me of Aretha Franklin’s Respect album. The message, the flow, the tone, the feelings behind it are definitely saying something to somebody. I am not trying to mess with Alicia right now. The Intro is definite and in your face. She is rocking it out on the piano with an accompanied beat, letting you know that this is serious. Go Ahead (Track 2) is the only track that I initially skipped. When I get a new album, I tend to run through it really q

Writing and Publishing Tip #5: Stay Consistent

Becoming successful at anything takes a level of hard work that is beyond the norm. To be successful in life is reaching far beyond above average as one would personally define it. Whether a person wants to be a writer or a manager of a local grocery store, that person has to produce results above and beyond others. As I writer, I have to write more than someone who only dreams about writing but never puts pen to paper. I have to get my works out there by either publishing them myself or by submitting the work for others to publish it. One of the main attributes that separates those who succeed in life from those who do not is consistency. Continuing to push forward in the face of opposition has presented a great level of difficulty for many people. Nevertheless, remaining steadfast will bring a person that much closer to his or her goals. Of course, this does not mean that if everything around you is falling apart and the plan is not working that you still continue on the same course.

News Roll Call

Young people reading a lot less Boston Globe - We know what young people are doing more of: watching television, surfing the Web, listening to their iPods, talking on cell phones, and instant-messaging their friends. Can we please get a book in these kids’ hands? I am not even kidding, reading changed my life. I went from Cs to Bs and As and eventually more As than Bs (until I got to college of course LOL. It was like starting all over again). I want my kid to be the one raking in the dough from the new gadgets and inventions instead of being the consumer. Reading is the gateway to a successful future. Starting at a very young age and creating a bonding moment with your children is definitely the way to go. Bump that, I know some of ya’ll suckers are not reading. There are so many options out there now. Get a library card. If you need a guide visit or or . They are all great sites for the beginning reader. It really is that serious. Kindl

2007 American Music Awards

I am a little upset right now because I did not get to watch the show last night. I have no idea what I was even doing and by the time I caught it two hours had already passed. I just hit record to watch it later. At any rate, here is some recaps from other sources. I am not feeling Rihanna's dress. The top is ... well, way over the top. Her hair looks fabulous though. Beyonce was looking bootilicious but nice and elegant. The hair was just regular to me. Ashanti, I have to say looks very nice. Everything goes well together. I wish I could see her shoes. Avril, Avril, Avril ... what the heezie! The style she is wearing would have been nice if it was not that awful gold color. The black shoes have got to go and how about doing something different to the hair. Fergie, seriously? She looks regular like she pulled that on to go to the corner store. Nice to see Vanessa is wearing some clothes. She looked cute enough. Carrie, what the?! The picture does not do the ugliness of her dress

Weekend Box Office

1 Beowulf -See below Weekend- $28,100,000 Total- $28,100,000 2 Bee Movie Weekend- $14,300,000 Total- $93,862,000 I did not find this that funny. It was just okay to me. 3 American Gangster Weekend- $13,218,000 Total- $100,993,000 American Gangster No. 1 4 Fred Claus Weekend- $12,000,000 Total- $35,799,000 I love Vince Vaughn but the critics didn't. Well, it is a good thing his fans dig it. 5 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Weekend- $10,025,000 Total- $10,025,000 6 Dan in Real Life Weekend- $4,511,000 Total- $37,099,000 7 No Country for Old Men Weekend- $3,098,000 Total- $4,930,000 8 Lions for Lambs Weekend- $2,904,000 Total- $11,591,000 You already know my thoughts. Lions for Lambs 9 Saw IV Weekend- $2,330,000 Total- $61,848,000 10 Love in the Time of Cholera Weekend- $1,915,000 Total- $1,915,000 "Beowulf" slays bees at weekend box office LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The medieval battlefield epic "Beowulf" ushered in a new age at North American movie theaters, op

Who is Dana Davis?

Now that she has a leading role on NBC's hottest show, Heroes , people are bound to wonder about this beautiful young lady. Like me, they will probably wonder why her face looks so familiar and try to place her in movies or televisions shows they have watched. I actually remember her from Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff. I thought that was the cutest movie. Dana Davis, 29, has played in many televisions roles in shows like Veronica Mars , The O.C ., Gilmore Girls , and Boston Public . She has a role in an upcoming teeny, slasher movie called Prom Night . She can really play the violin and attained a musical degree in 2001. Hopefully, Heroes has put her on the map and we can look for more of Dana Davis in the future. Dana Davis NBC Bio

Forget iPod, I want to Zune

Let's face it, Zune is the ugly step sister to the iPod. I know this. The first generation Zune to come out was this boxy, ugly brown thing. Based off the design alone, I was not feeling it. Why now do I want Zune over, consumer favorite, iPod? Well, they have come out with several new versions that are more colorful and new capabilities. Although I love new technology, I am not a techy; therefore, I like to keep it simple. Zune offers simplicity, but if I want to take it further I can. It is Wi-Fi capable which is cool for downloading music anywhere. It now has touch screen and you can still use the pad. I have different size options from a sleek 4 GB to 8 to 30 to 80. Lastly, and definitely most compelling is that I can be cool at a reasonable price. Zune ranges from $130.00 to $300.00 unlike its nemesis which ranges from $150.00 to $500.00. Or the iPod

Amazon Competes with iTunes, Selling mp3s

Oh, you heard right. Amazon sells everything from books to your mama's bra; it was just a matter of time before they started selling music downloads. I have not tried it myself as of yet and probably won't any time soon since I am not that savvy just yet. I don't even have an iPod, just a regular mp3 player. The revamped Zune is looking good to me though. It is a shame that it is just about sold out. Since its revamp, Zune has become the top player selling on No surprise that on the down loads, Jay-Z's new album, inspired by the film American Gangster, is the number one album down load. Available for down load

Meet the Robinsons

I have children, so I sometimes (a lot of times) watch movies that I would not normally watch if I did not have kids. Well, I am pretty happy about that because it gives me an excuse to watch certain movies (lol) and I get exposed to ones that I would not normally even consider. Meet the Robinsons is definitely one of the movies that I would have never given the time of day; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I got the movie for my son. Now available on DVD, it is a story about an orphaned boy who makes a great invention that ultimately sets the course for the future. Unfortunately, things do not work out the way he would like (don't I know about that) and he loses confidence in himself before he can complete the invention. In comes the future and the adventure starts. This was such a good children's movie that I found myself taken in by it. Meet the Robinsons is a great family movie to watch because it entertains everyone. Even my two-year old daughter was into it (she

News Roll Call

Keys Well Ahead Of Dion In Race For No. 1 Billboard, NY - Alicia Keys is poised to earn her fourth consecutive No. 1 on The Billboard 200 as her new J album, "As I Am," is tops on Nielsen soundscan's Building Chart ... I brought the album and love it. A full review is on its way. stds On the Rise in the US After Years of Decline MedPage Today - Reported chlamydia cases in the US topped one million in 2006, and diagnoses of gonorrhea and syphilis rose as well, CDC surveillance experts reported. Simpson will stand trial again Los Angeles Times - JUDGE'S RULING: After four days of testimony at a preliminary hearing, Justice Bonaventure determines that prosecutors had enough evidence to try Simpson, 60, and two other men on multiple counts, including kidnapping, in connection with the Sept. This fool is going to jail. He got away once, he will not get away again. Listen to the radio and television personalities. It is like they are polishing their guns for a big hunt. If

News Roll Call

West's Doc Has Malpractice, DUI History : Report ABC News -Kanye West's mom, Donda West, was by his side for much of his career, including the 2006 Grammys where he won awards for best rap song, best rap solo performance and best rap album. All of these things are coming out a little late. People never think of doing background checks on their doctors but this is a prime example that it should happen with regularity. I am so sorry for Kanye and his family. I cannot imagine losing a family member so unexpectedly. OJ Simpson wanted guns in Vegas incident: witness Reuters - A man who was with OJ Simpson during an armed confrontation over sports memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room told a court on Tuesday the former star athlete told him to bring a gun. Have I said that this man is the king of all fools. There are no other words. Seinfeld's Animated 'Bee Movie' Tops US Weekend Box Office Voice of America - Bee Movie stung the competition, topping the US box office in i

American Ganger No. 1

'American Gangster' opens with a bang: $46.3M - "American Gangster," featuring Denzel Washington playing the infamous 1960s-'70s Harlem drug lord , exploded into theaters this weekend with a take of $46.3 million - the highest ever for a modern crime movie. There is so much talk about this movie in regards to the possible C-O-N- spiracy in regards to the very clear bootleg copy that has been circulating weeks before it came out. The theory- it was purposely leaked to negatively affect it's box office receipts. Hmmmm , some nefarious executive wants to loose money instead of making back the millions of dollars put into this film? I don't know about that one. There have been several movies that have had bootlegged copies leaked out weeks before. Now, I have to say that this copy ... not that I have one LOL ... is unbelievably clean. There is no doubt that the amount of bootleg copies affected the opening weekend. I did get a chance to watch the movie an

News Roll Call

Citi Is A Mess Forbes - Citigroup has confirmed what the markets had widely feared: things are worse than they looked at the end of September. The bank is taking another $8 billion to $11 billion hit to revenues because of “significant” declines in the $55 billion or so in US ... Charles Prince has lost his job. 8-11 billion and he is CEO no more. They are just dropping like flies aren't they. Hmmm, everything is just catching up and someone has to pay. H&R Block CFO steps down BusinessWeek - L. Trubeck's resignation is effective immediately, though he will serve as a consultant through December. Becky S. Shulman, senior vice president and treasurer, was named acting chief financial officer. Another one bites the dust. Soap star is named new 'Knight Rider' New York Daily News -"All My Children" actor Justin Bruening has landed the lead role in NBC's upcoming "Knight Rider" movie. Bruening will play the son of Michael Knight, David Hasselhoff&

Mary J. Blige is Just Fine

Mary J. Blige is Just Fine and she is dancing about it. I am so loving this video and this new joint. It is her new single from Growing Pains. Mary breaking out with the dance movies reminds me of the 411 Mary when she came out dancing. The energy is lovely. Check out other Mary J projects Mary J's Official Site Mary J's Videos Yahoo

Will Smith's I am Legend

First off, let me say that I am happy to see a sister girl playing Robert Neville's wife. It is only for a quick minute but after the whole Eva Mendez trip in Hitch , I was sure that seeing Will Smith across a Black female actress would be few and far between. Being that this is only his second major motion picture to come out since Hitch , you never know when we will hear the "broader appeals" crap in an effort to get him not to star across a Black actress. The fact that he went for the mess in the first place is a little jacked up. Of course, that is just my humble opinion. The trailer for I Am Legend is crazy. It is the concept that trips me out more than anything. I have not read the book myself, but think I might before I watch the movie. There is plenty of time since the movie does not release until December 14th. I Am Legend is about a virus that almost kills everyone on earth except for Neville who is immune and the humans who have not died but mutated to night

I’m In Love with a Stripper

Someone had to remind me that I wrote this a while back. Enjoy. ------------------------------------ I'm In Love with a Stripper He stood in the background watching her dance, pealing off garments as slowly as she could with every swirl of her hips. She hypnotized everyone in the dingy night club, even the women. There was just something about her that screamed, love me. And, oh, how he did love her, so much so that he felt his chest constrict as she knelt down to have a twenty-dollar bill tucked into her g-string, the last piece of garment left on her. He clenched his fist at his sides. “She’s something, isn’t she?” a lean, built man asked him as he sat down at the same table. He only nodded. Taking in a deep breath, he released his hands, shook them out and placed them on the table. He waited for the last piece of clothing to fall. The audience went wild, whooping and hollering as if they were a wild pack of apes. As she picked up the bills strewn all over the stage floor, he sto

The Illusionist on DVD

The Illusionist Starring: Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, Available on DVD This movie has been out on DVD for a little bit now. I have skipped over it several times for something else. I have been meaning to watch it but I always found something else that was better, so I thought. Recently someone told me that it was a really good movie and that I should watch it. That is really all that I had to go on. The film is about a young couple who is pulled, literally, apart because they are from two different social classes. Sophie, played by Jessica Beil, is a future Duchess and Eisenheim, played by Edward Norton, is a poor neighbor. The day they are cruelly split up he leaves, changes his name, and returns later a masterful illusionist. His show is so spectacular that it attracts the Crown Prince, played by Rufus Sewell. When Eisenhein request a volunteer for one of his demonstrations, the Prince (jerk that he is) volunteers his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. She is, non other than Eisenhein&

Sweetest Girl by Wyclef

This is off of Clef's new album, Carnival II: In Memories of an Immigrant releasing in early December. I love this song. I did not get the video until I caught the beginning of it. Akon and Lil' Wayne lend their skills to this hot track. I have said this before, there is just something about that Lil' Wayne. The boy is a phenomenal lyricist. Wyclef's Official Website Wyclef on Yahoo Video (in case this one does not work)

News Roll Call

Bounty Hunter N-Bombs Himself into Hiatus E! Online - 10 hours ago A&E has suspended production on its hit reality series Dog the Bounty Hunter in light of some—to put it mildly—racially insensitive remarks its star looks ... Check the original story out You really have to hear it yourself but if you cannot here is the quote. "I don't care if she's a Mexican, a whore or whatever. It's not because she's black, it's because we use the word n-word sometimes here. I'm not gonna take a chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for for 30 years because some f%$ing n-word heard us say n-word and turned us in to the Enquirer magazine. Our career is over! I'm not taking that chance at all! Never in life! Never! Never! If Lyssa [Dog's daughter] was dating a n-word, we would all say 'F you!' And you know that. If Lyssa brought a black guy home ya da da... it's not that they're black, it's none of that. It'