Writing and Publishing Tip #5: Stay Consistent

Becoming successful at anything takes a level of hard work that is beyond the norm. To be successful in life is reaching far beyond above average as one would personally define it. Whether a person wants to be a writer or a manager of a local grocery store, that person has to produce results above and beyond others. As I writer, I have to write more than someone who only dreams about writing but never puts pen to paper. I have to get my works out there by either publishing them myself or by submitting the work for others to publish it.

One of the main attributes that separates those who succeed in life from those who do not is consistency. Continuing to push forward in the face of opposition has presented a great level of difficulty for many people. Nevertheless, remaining steadfast will bring a person that much closer to his or her goals.

Of course, this does not mean that if everything around you is falling apart and the plan is not working that you still continue on the same course. There is absolutely a time when it is appropriate to step back and reevaluate what is happening. However, starting over again with a new plan is commendable and necessary. Giving up should not even be an option.

I could choose to stop writing all together. I could choose to focus my energies on something else entirely and give up on writing. After the rejection slips/letters from agents and publishers, I could allow myself to feel dejected, giving up my writing dreams all together. I would definitely have one less issue to worry about in my life. The idea is extremely appealing until I think about the alternatives.

If a person stops trying, then it is a definite bet that she will never accomplish her goals. So consistency matters. It especially matters for writers because it is the way that a writer can keep her name in the public. With thousands of new writers trying to get a foot hold into the business on a daily basis, one can be easily forgotten. Making an impression in this business means to somewhat stay in the public eye whether it be through writing articles, poetry, short stories, or networking. Being consistent means keeping a hand in the world of publishing.

When things get tough or it seems like success will never come, do not stop. Don’t dare put away that pen even though it seems hopeless. One never knows when opportunity will present itself.


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