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Set Yourself Free

Feeling accomplished is a great feeling. It is liberating.  There is nothing more energy sapping then when you spend your time on something and leave it feeling like you have just been spinning your wheels. It is discouraging and exhausting even. To combat this, set smaller goals within the big one. What's the big dream and what are the little steps towards it. The first step is dreaming it up though. Afterwards,  we can start making moves towards it. What's your liberation dream?

Good for You

This is for those days that you wake up feeling darn good about yourself. It is as though everything is right on- hair on point, face on point, outfit fitting just right. You walk out the house feeling like a 10. That's how I feel when Selena Gomez says, "I'm a marquis diamond." Yes! Not a darn thing anyone says can take me down because I am looking good and feeling good. The best part about that feeling is that it is infectious. "I'm on my 14 carats.  I'm 14 carat. Doing it up like Midas, mhm. Now you say I got a touch. So good, so good. Make you never wanna leave. So don't, So don't." -Good for you, Selena Gomez. Now, Selena did get some flack for this song because why should she want to look good for some man. Well, dang! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good for your significant other. I want him to look good for me, so why can't I look good for him especially if I am feeling and looking good already. This

Gold to Me

There are things in life that bring us happiness and joy that other people may not see or understand. What one person does not appreciate may be as precious as gold to the next person. It does not matter what another individual thinks. His or her negativity does not have to put a damper on the simple pleasures in life.  "Might not be diamonds but it shines for me." "Simple things that light me up. What a beautiful world and I see the love in everything and everyone. When I'm digging softly oh the tide will come. It all feels like gold,gold to me. Might not be diamonds but it shines for me. It all feels like gold Gold to me." -Gold, Andreya Triana

I Believe in Me

There are a great many things that I want for my children. The most important is for them to succeed in life and be mindful citizens that contribute positively to the community and world that they live in.  I believe the foundation to this is a healthy sense of self worth. A positive self esteem will help to keep us foucused and not distracted by the negativity in the world.  So I was encouraged by my daughter's cover art for her binder. Some how through all my crazy yelling and insanity,  I think I'm doing something right. Believe in yourself.