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The Blacklist ... Thank you for Here With Me

I really enjoy watching NBC's The Blacklist. I absolutely love watching James Spader in this sinister yet slightly likable role. What keeps me coming back though is the intrigue of the back stories. Is Liz's husband a secret spy or an innocent husband? Is Red back because he is really Liz's father? Is there a bigger story behind the "blacklist"? A girl has got a lot of questions and I am working on getting caught up via on demand (I love on demand) to get answers. I am up to episode 103: Wujing where CIA agents are being picked off (brutally murdered) by Wujing. At the end of the episode they feature a song that I fell in love with from the first few bars. "Here With Me," by Susie Suh featuring Robot Koch captured my attention because I really like that heart touching melodic flow. Then I listened to the words and it captured my feelings quite succinctly in regards to how I feel four years into being widowed.  The best songs are the ones that connect e


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