The Blacklist ... Thank you for Here With Me

I really enjoy watching NBC's The Blacklist. I absolutely love watching James Spader in this sinister yet slightly likable role. What keeps me coming back though is the intrigue of the back stories. Is Liz's husband a secret spy or an innocent husband? Is Red back because he is really Liz's father? Is there a bigger story behind the "blacklist"? A girl has got a lot of questions and I am working on getting caught up via on demand (I love on demand) to get answers.

I am up to episode 103: Wujing where CIA agents are being picked off (brutally murdered) by Wujing. At the end of the episode they feature a song that I fell in love with from the first few bars. "Here With Me," by Susie Suh featuring Robot Koch captured my attention because I really like that heart touching melodic flow. Then I listened to the words and it captured my feelings quite succinctly in regards to how I feel four years into being widowed.  The best songs are the ones that connect emotionally and this one sure did. So much to love about it. So thank you The Blacklist.


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