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Moonfall Movie Review

Moonfall  8/10 If you are a science fiction fan and you passed on watching Moonfall because of the critics you would be missing out. It is a conglomerate of some of my favorite science fiction themes rolled into one. You’ve got aliens, end of the world level destruction, space exploration, and artificial intelligence all on board. I absolutely did not mind that Moonfall completely ignored the whole pick-a-lane concept.  Moonfall is about a washed-up astronaut played by Patrick Wilson (who is completely underrated in my humble opinion) and the world on the brink of experiencing an extinction-level event by way of the moon crashing down to the earth. The film also stars Halle Berry as Jocinda and John Bradley as KC Houseman. Donald Sutherland made a cameo and I am still trying to figure out what his purpose was. Now let me be straight up. There were some holes in the storytelling. It could have been a little tighter. If they wanted this could have been two movies: Moonfall 1 and Moonfall