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Millennium Chain Letters There are quite a few things I hate in this world. I am a realist, and that is being generous, and because of that, on any given day, there exist a large number of things that just get on my last good nerve, things that just do not make any type of sense whatsoever. Things like “Chicken Noodle Soup” with a soda on the side or Janet Jackson getting dissed by MTV or performers dancing so much that they don’t even sing anymore or street lit getting published just because it’s street lit just, all annoy me to no end. However, all of the aforementioned pale in comparison to one of my pet peeves, chain letters. My first initiation into this rite of passage was many years ago at the tender age of 13, when I was susceptible to just about anything. I was just happy that I was getting mail. I’m talking about a real letter with a stamp on it. I was so excited that I ripped the envelope open and pulled out the letter. Then I read something about being fortunate to have gre
Wanda’s General Hospital Top Ten for 10/9/06 I love General Hospital. If you don't know, now you know. Sometimes I get a little obsessed. It is that love for drama that I wrote about. 10. The way Carly’s legion of protectors (Milo, Max, Morgan and, the ring leader, Michael) attempted to ruin her dinner with Jax. First Carly was trying to get back at Sonny for making the repairs on her house take so long, then her the “protectors” try to ruin her efforts by making sure that she and Jax do not have a quiet dinner at Sonny’s how. Milo and Max are the funniest. 9. Maxie is delusional. This is only good because it spells doom for Lucky and Liz. Honestly, Liz breaking free from the shackles of Lucky is long over due. Maxie is darn right crazy and she won’t stop until she either had Lucky or he is so ruined that even a dog won’t want to piss on him. Yes, she is pregnant but that doesn’t mean that Lucky will automatically be with her. She is not Elizabeth and he is no Jason. 8. Robin in wo
I Love Drama This is a drive by post. I am attempting to turn over a new leaf in which I go to bed at a reasonable hour. Since it is a little after 11 p.m. right now, this post as to be quick and to the point. I realized tonight, after putting off working on my writing to watch Heroes and Studio 60, that I love drama, and my love for drama is going to be my undoing. Actually, that may not be all that truthful. My love of drama is, most likely, the reason why I can tear through a good book and why I even want to write at all. It is the thing that stirs up my imagination to the point of distraction that all I can do is write something down. However, it is also the thing that keeps me from my pen and pad or, in this high-tech day, keyboard and monitor. Seriously, I just spent two nighttime hours, which are a high commodity for me because the children are sleeping, the hubby is down, and considerable work can be done, watching television. Why? Because I love the drama. I can't seem to
A Place to Relax A couple of days ago someone was interviewing me for something and they asked, in relation to my home, where do I go when I want to relax. I had to think about it for a moment because I am usually in front of the television; however, I don’t really consider that relaxing since my mind is translating everything I watch into a show for my podcast. I have to say something, so I finally responded that my office was the spot. He, the person interviewing me, laughed out loud. He genuinely thought I was making a joke. I am not a very humorous person so I stared at him like he was deranged. Then he stared back at me like I was deranged and asked, “You go to your office to relax?” Why was that so hard to believe? Late at night when the house is completely settled; i.e. kids are sleeping, husband is doing his own thing, and I am free to do whatever; I sneak in my office to pretend like I am going to add another chapter to my current work-in-progress when I actually surf the net,
Writing Seems Easy I say I want to be a writer, and I think that in know what that means. Do I? Sometimes I think not. Sometimes, I think I just want to do what is easy and for me- writing seems easy. I sit. I have thoughts. I write them down. That is not so hard. I think about writing and read about writing and read what others think about writing. I act like a sponge. Then I write and think I am doing something good, something that others will think is worth reading. I think, as I write sometimes, that this is clever. In truth, I don’t know what clever is. At least, I don’t think I do. Then again somebody’s clever is another person’s stupid, so I can be stupid and clever all at once. My knowledge of such is therefore a moot point. There are those moments when I wonder to myself, What the heck am I doing. There are times when I don’t even know where I am going in a story, and then it just ends up being an unfinished story. I have written down about 20 different stories that I would li