A Place to Relax

A couple of days ago someone was interviewing me for something and they asked, in relation to my home, where do I go when I want to relax. I had to think about it for a moment because I am usually in front of the television; however, I don’t really consider that relaxing since my mind is translating everything I watch into a show for my podcast. I have to say something, so I finally responded that my office was the spot. He, the person interviewing me, laughed out loud. He genuinely thought I was making a joke. I am not a very humorous person so I stared at him like he was deranged. Then he stared back at me like I was deranged and asked, “You go to your office to relax?”

Why was that so hard to believe? Late at night when the house is completely settled; i.e. kids are sleeping, husband is doing his own thing, and I am free to do whatever; I sneak in my office to pretend like I am going to add another chapter to my current work-in-progress when I actually surf the net, post messages on my favorite boards, watch Youtube, and read about other people who have already done what I aspire to do. My procrastination ritual is quite pathetic. Believe it or not, I find it tremendously relaxing. Somewhere by the time this ritual is over, I have actually written a few words down to continue the lives of the characters that are in my head.

So yes. I most certainly go to my office to relax.


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