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Stepping Out on God

Here I go again ... MIA from this blog. I can come up with a million and one good reasons but I think I posted them already. So, where have I been? Buried under books and not one of them has been the bible. Shameful. I am in school and it is working my behind. However, God has been calling me back here, so here I am on a night that I should be studying because I have a test tomorrow. Listen, you can only avoid God for so long. He does not take no for an answer, believe me I have tried. Well, while I have been away I have stumbled on some music that I am loving. I also got a chance to see The Family that Preys (more on that to come). I have heard about this great movie that has been making waves all on word of mouth that is called Fireproof. I will also be back with more on that.For now enjoy one of my musical selections and read Ten Ways to Live Gloriously: Introduction . Music: Love Him Like I Do By Deitrick, Mary Mary & Ruben Studdard Casting Crowns: Slow Fade Marvin Winans Jr. Y

Love Him Like I Do By Deitrick, Mary Mary & Ruben Studdard

Why do I want to hear this bumping in a club? Now that ain't right. LOL So this is my jam! I can get my groove on and praise God at the same time. Heyyyyy! But seriously, the lyrics on are point.

Casting Crowns: Slow Fade

So, the funny thing about Casting Crowns is that I have had their CD, Altar and the Door, forever. A very very good friend of mine gave it to me because she knows I like pop and Christian Rock as well as all the other stuff I listen to. I briefly listened to a couple of tracks on the CD and looked at her as if she had lost her mind. Months went by and I was not interested in listening to it, until the day I did. I was feeling ... lost, confused, contemplative, doubtful, and all that. I happen to be shuffling through the music in my MP3 player and found God in Altar and the Door. Don't sleep on God people. LOL He does not even play. In that one CD, God had an answer for all of my emotions at that time. I cried not because I was sad but because I was filled with awe and peace. Anyway, this is one of the songs on that CD that I absolutely love! The video is pretty great too. Casting Crowns Official Website

Marvin Winans Jr. You Never Let Me Down

He is no actor but the song is truly fun and meaningful. Marvin Winans Jr. Office Website

Ten Ways to Live Gloriously: Introduction

Introduction There are people out there, some non-Christians and Christians alike, that believe God wants us to be miserable. Maybe some even believe that he wants us to suffer. They look at all the bad things going on in the world, maybe in their lives, and think that it is God’s fault and that he is not perfect and not really all that good. So does God want us to suffer or expect us to suffer? We did eat of the fruit. I believe that the life we live is not without suffering. The life we have chosen is not without suffering, but God does want us to rise above it or else why bother with Jesus? God hurts when we hurt. The Bible is not a book to control, as some believe. What people seem to misunderstand is that the all-knowing, all-powerful God has given us his living word to set us free from ourselves and the pain. He wants us to live in his full glory. He does not want us to hurt or to suffer or to die. I know it is hard to believe when we look at life or even read some of the stories