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Resilient Hearts a Look Back

Resilient Hearts is an independent documentary that looks back on Haiti and the effects of the 2010 earthquake. It is a very hard watch. I cried all over again but at the same time, I marveled at the strength of the Haitian people. Resilient Hearts is the perfect title for this look back because despite what the country has gone through and what it is still going through they continue to survive and live on and laugh and smile and make the best out of life. There is no better example of how strong the human spirit is than the people of Haiti.  The state of the country angered me. The way things were mishandled and the way corruption and greed continue to plague this country breaks my heart. I feel that Haiti should have come through like the phoenix after the earthquake, especially with all the donations, times, and resources that were being sent there. Even though the spotlight was on, people still found a way to undermine the people in the dark. Because this was the first enslaved co

Make Sure you are Heard

 Have you ever encountered a narcissistic person and walked away wondering what just happened when you try to share your feelings? They are experts at gaslighting you and turning the tables. When expressing yourself, to anyone really, be self-assured enough to keep the focus of the conversation pure and on what you want to discuss.  Do not let the tables get turned on you. Make sure to express your feelings and that you are heard. You may not get a resolution but at least you can walk away, knowing that you shared your thoughts and your perspective. Make sure that you are heard.  @liteviwithwanda Be aware of when you're being manipulated. ##duetthisvideo ##wellbeing ##stressless ♬ original sound - Lee Hammock

Lori Harvey and Double Standards

I enjoy pop culture like everyone else. I love entertainment news and reviews and things that will affect an artist’s performance or the art landscape but I leave all the gossip to the gossip sites for the most part. Every now and then there is a piece of news that takes my interest. Lori Harvey is the latest hot topic. The reason she is hot on everyone’s lips because she is dating. God forbid a beautiful 24-year-old model dates. Of course, she is being slut-shamed by men and women alike. The double standard is loud and obnoxious. She is a successful model who is coveted for her beauty by people in her circle and there seems to be some level of jealousy and hate because she moves on leaving behind broken hearts. I think this world is too use to seeing women be heartbroken, particularly black women. Even when Ciara moved on from her heartbreak with Future she received some form of backlash. Granted, Lori Harvey may not be making the best dating decisions but she should not be crucified

Open Yourself to Receive

I receive love, compassion, and empathy from myself and deflect the negativity that comes from outside sources. When we fill our own selves up, we have the strength to fight against the hardships of the world, whatever forms that may take. My daughter once asked me a very sensible and practical question about that. How? How do we build ourselves up?  I went deeper and asked what source do we draw from to pour love, compassion, and empathy within. For myself, it is the knowledge that our existence makes us worthy. The fact that we are here at all is the only validation that I need to understand that I was created as a gift for life and therefore, I must go beyond just living it, I must strive daily to thrive in it, enjoy every moment of it, be mindful of every breath and soar even through the tough times. But I have to answer that practical question for those who do not think like that.  Continuing in the line of practicality, I have to match that same simplistic energy with positive s