Open Yourself to Receive

I receive love, compassion, and empathy from myself and deflect the negativity that comes from outside sources. When we fill our own selves up, we have the strength to fight against the hardships of the world, whatever forms that may take. My daughter once asked me a very sensible and practical question about that. How? How do we build ourselves up? 

I went deeper and asked what source do we draw from to pour love, compassion, and empathy within. For myself, it is the knowledge that our existence makes us worthy. The fact that we are here at all is the only validation that I need to understand that I was created as a gift for life and therefore, I must go beyond just living it, I must strive daily to thrive in it, enjoy every moment of it, be mindful of every breath and soar even through the tough times. But I have to answer that practical question for those who do not think like that. 

Continuing in the line of practicality, I have to match that same simplistic energy with positive self-affirmations. That is the answer to the how. It seems so simple but I fully understand that it is not, at all. We spend so much time allowing the negative self-thoughts to take up residence in our minds. They are in their natural habitat and to combat that is to go against the grain of what we are accustomed to and comfortable with. We have to be mindful at all times. Reaffirm, self affirm, and counter attack the self takedown. The answer is simple but to carry it out takes a great deal of hard work. Are you ready? 


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