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Be Phenomenal: Be You

Be You To be  phenomenal  is already in you  activate the power that is  within  At times it seems as though we strive to be just regular. Why not strive to rise above the daily rut? Why not strive to be better than average? Why not strive to go beyond the minimum? No one can decide what those things are or what that looks like but you. Decide what is your greatness and go for it. In working towards something more, we will activate our power.

Don't Hello me, Adele!

How dare Adele come back out with the release of this single, Hello , that 1. makes me think she is going to belt out, "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?," from Lionel Richie, and 2. for singing a song that stirs my emotions without any warning. The nerves of her!