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Some People are just Mean

There are cruel people in this world. As naive as I sometimes am, I do realize that some people are just not righteous or caring or conscientious or just plain nice. There are some people that are spiteful and mean and so selfish that they intentional hurt others for thier own amusement. This is a reality that I sometimes think we sheild our children from too much. When is the right time to educate our kids on the cruelties of others? When they are older and people mistreat them? I often wonder if by that time will it be too late and will they have the proper coping mechanisms to appropriately deal with the harsh side of humanity. Bullying is so prevalent that it would be a good opportunity to educate them while they are young,  but I have to accept that I do not take advantage of the moments for education enough. Personally, I have to do better because the eventuality of my children coming across cruelty for the sake of cruelty is definite. I want them to be ready. I want them to be


Strive To be Joyful is to find comfort in my skin it's okay to be happy yet want more

Live Now

Live Now Living  in a future not in existence seems just as bad as living in a  dead past

Man of Steel

Directed by Zack Snyder. Starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane,Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner I have to admit that I am a little late in watching Man of Steel. It probably would have served me better to watch it before I saw all the post from my Facebook friends raving about how "great" it was. My expectations would not have been so high. There are many aspects that I enjoyed about the move like Superman himself (ooolala, nice eye candy. Thank you very much). I also enjoyed the way they introduced the history- in flash back form. The special effects were great.  In fact, the film had many wonderful elements that should have made it an awesome movie but it did not get there for me. Man of Steel was good, maybe even better than good, but it certainly was not great. I cannot quite put my finger on what was missing. Personality, chemistry, umph. Also the fight scene at the end reminded me of Neo and Mr. Smith from the final Matrix but with better gra

Gimmie by Jill Scott

Happy music time

Blurred Lines

Congratulations to Robin Thicke. His new single Blurred Lines hit number one on the Billboard Top 100 Charts this week. Blurred Lines Good girls don't have these thoughts inside she's crawling with yearning for her friend to be her lover Cinquain by Me ;).

Fifth Harmony cover Stay by Riri


Oz The Great and Powerful

Oz The Great and Powerful Directed by Sam Raimi. With James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and Michelle Williams.  This is a revamp of the good old Wizard of Oz story that tells the tale of the Wizard and how he came to be. There are two things that I really enjoyed about this movie- the background to the Wizard and Rachel Weisz. I always enjoy learning about the back ground of a character in an interesting way, so it was cool to see where the great Wizard came from and see his growth as a person. However, I was not a big fan of Franco in the role. Now Rachel Weisz does good evil. She was manipulative and sneaky and snarky and sexy all at the same time. I freaken loved her performance. Mila Kunis was annoying to me at first but she needed to be and played her role well. Michelle Williams as the good witch was perfectly ethereal but had a little spice to her. The movie was good. Storyline and flow went well. Zach Braff provided timely comic relief and visually it was stunning. T

Fifth Harmony

With X-factor on its way back, I thought I would look up my only favorite group from both seasons so far. Fifth Harmony is a girl group put together for the show when they each auditioned separately. They were groomed by Simon and towards the end of the season they gelled together and became a real bonafide girl group which I think is missing from the industry right now. In the past year they have been working on their debut album but also putting out well picked and well done covers on YouTube. I am excited about what they will come out with and hope not to be disappointed. One of their covers. I will post more.


Epic Directed by Chris Wedge. With Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Beyoncé Knowles, Amanda Seyfried and Beyonce. My children dragged me to see this movie and I guess I am glad that they did ... sorta kinda. It is about a teenager, MK, who after losing her mother has to live with her eccentric father in the forest. He is a little out of touch because he is preoccupied with proving that there are tiny people living in the forest. She wants him to change so they can have a relationship. When MK realizes that he is too obsessed with the crazy idea, she decides to leave him but not before somehow getting mixed up with them and shrinking herself. The movie was cute. It had its chuckle moments. I was so glad when I did not have to listen to Beyonce anymore. I am a fan of hers but the girl needs to give up acting. She played Queen Tara in the movie and I could not take her. I figure if you are horrible in CG, you just need to give it up all together. How could a cartoon character give a h

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Directed by Shane Black. With Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley I saw this movie the second week it was out but I just have not had a chance to write up this review. Now the trailer definitely did the movie justice. I enjoyed it overall. Tony Starke had some touching and self reflective moments that I appreciated and made him more real as a person. The action sequences were hot and since I enjoy a good dose of mass destruction in movies, I really liked all the stuff blowing up. However, there are some plot issues that takes away from the film especially if you are a fan of the Iron man comics. As much as I enjoyed Ben Kingsley's performance- he was menacing and scary and humorous and just freaken awesome- I really really really detest what they did with the Mandarin. Really?! That is all I am going to say about that. I will end with Guy Pearce (he does good villain), Don, Gwyneth and Robert all gave great performances. R

Hangover III

Hangover 3 with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis is the last installment of the Hangover franchise. It is about time for this to end although it still amazes me the crazy antics that they can come up with to get these guys into. Zach G made this movie. It was funny and much better than the second movie which I thought was a disappointment.  Of course part 3 was not as good as the first because we know what to expect. I think it was just as good because it did not follow the exact same concept as the 1st and 2nd movies. They were still on a ridiculous mission but they were a little more focused and sober this time. There were several laugh out loud moments that I appreciated. Ken Jeong was a necessary annoyance but definitely rounded things out. Although his acting was great, his character was more of a plot point to move things along. I really enjoyed Melissa McCarthy's short stint but then again I am biased because I really like her. All in all, it was worth seei