Some People are just Mean

There are cruel people in this world. As naive as I sometimes am, I do realize that some people are just not righteous or caring or conscientious or just plain nice. There are some people that are spiteful and mean and so selfish that they intentional hurt others for thier own amusement. This is a reality that I sometimes think we sheild our children from too much.

When is the right time to educate our kids on the cruelties of others? When they are older and people mistreat them? I often wonder if by that time will it be too late and will they have the proper coping mechanisms to appropriately deal with the harsh side of humanity. Bullying is so prevalent that it would be a good opportunity to educate them while they are young,  but I have to accept that I do not take advantage of the moments for education enough.

Personally, I have to do better because the eventuality of my children coming across cruelty for the sake of cruelty is definite. I want them to be ready. I want them to be armed with self confidence and self assurance that they will handle the situation with grace and finesse.  I want them to be aware that some people are just jerks and their poor behavior is not a reflection of my children.

I have to remember to reinforce and stay focused on what truely matters in this life- love, joy, kindness and peace. In these things they will find strength and comfort.


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