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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Listen to the Podcast version Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Songbirds and Snakes is still holding strong at the box office after its third week out. My daughter and I went to the theaters to see it on opening night and it felt strange. It was not us going to the movies that felt strange but the fact that we practically had the theater all to ourselves. Did people really give up on the theater experience or is this a sign of the financial times?  I think this is another area where it is taking a while to rebound from the COVID lockdown effect. Maybe, it will never recover and people are more comfortable staying at home and watching from the comforts of their couch. Regardless, we were out there, and my daughter and I still enjoy going to the movies for a movie night. Although, I will admit, that we were elated we did not have to share the theater with a whole mess of people.  Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Songbirds and Snakes was

Journal Prompt: Reflect on Your Moments of Self-Care

Journal Prompt: Reflect on Your Moments of Self-Care Reflect on moments when you have cared for your mental, emotional, or physical well-being. How did you prioritize yourself, and what self-care activities brought you joy and contentment? More Than That Self-care is not simply pampering yourself  Getting facials, a spa day Good skin-care routine  Self-care is more than that  It is not about being a selfish person  It is more than that Self-care doesn’t have to be pricey or a whole production It has more meaning than that Self-care is remembering  You are a person  You are a human being  Attention and maintenance  Pruning and watering These are not optional Self-care is remembering you  Remembering that you need attention too Self-care is more than that holistically taking care of you Mind, body, soul Mentally, physically, spiritually  Self-care is all the things  Self-care is safety Self-care is your safe space - Wanda Toby

Should you Leave the World Behind

Leave the World Behind: Movie Reivew Listen to the Podcast Here or scroll all the way down Sigh … is a review ever good when it starts with a sigh? Well according to the critics and movie watchers, we probably should leave behind Leave the World Behind . As of the writing of this post, It has received a 6.7 from IMDb, 75% from Rotten Tomatoes, 67% from Metacritic, and 54% of Google users gave it a thumbs up. This time I tend to agree. The sigh is because I really hate when a movie has all the elements for the making of a great experience and it turns out not to meet the mark.  Leave the World Behind follows a family that booked a vacation home away from the city for a little rest and relaxation when an unexplained blackout happens and they along with the vacation homeowner have to figure out what the heck is going on.  Off rip, I am watching this because the cast is amazing. Kevin Bacon plays the conspiracy theorist neighbor, Julia Roberts plays the mother, Amanda, Ethan Hawke plays

Ludacris is Dashing Through the Snow

Ludacris is Dashing Through the Snow  You can listen to the podcast here. Dashing Through the Snow was released on Disney+ just in time for the holidays. It stars Ludarcis as the main character, Eddie, and Lil Rel Howery as Nick Sinter Clause. Teyonah Parris and Oscar Nuñez also lend supporting roles in this joyful take on a now-holiday classic theme of dealing with someone who has lost faith in Santa Claus.  Eddie Garrick lost his faith in Santa Claus as a young boy after his parent split up on Christmas day. Fast forward to his adulthood, he completely hates Christmas and his marriage is on the verge of ending. In comes this person that he thinks is pretending to be Santa to shake up his night and his life. Will Eddie believe again?  The movie starts off on the right track with a look back at what happened to a young Eddie that seemingly led to his parents' split. I enjoyed the opening scene but got a little skeptical when Ludacris came on. His acting though good is not solid eno

Sometimes the Holidays Hit Different

Sometimes the Holidays Hit Different A gentle reminder that the feeling of being overwhelmed and frazzled during the holidays just may be normal and a sign of stress. Yes, stress. Holidays can be stressful for so many different reasons. In November the American Psychological Association came out with an article that referenced that about 89% of people polled have holiday concerns related to money, missing loved ones, and thinking about all the drama that sometimes comes with the jolly season.  We will dive into the article on the podcast but take some time to read or just listen to the podcast.  Even a joyous holiday season can cause stress for most Americans Many people experience holiday blues and force themselves to power through it. The battle to keep it jolly and moving is so succinctly captured by my good good girlfriend and baby catcher extraordinaire, Leatrice Gachette on her FaceBook Transparency Tuesday Post. She is phenomenal and out here living her most phenomenal midwiving