Journal Prompt: Reflect on Your Moments of Self-Care

Journal Prompt: Reflect on Your Moments of Self-Care

Reflect on moments when you have cared for your mental, emotional, or physical well-being. How did you prioritize yourself, and what self-care activities brought you joy and contentment?

More Than That

Self-care is not simply pampering yourself 

Getting facials, a spa day

Good skin-care routine 

Self-care is more than that 

It is not about being a selfish person 

It is more than that

Self-care doesn’t have to be pricey or a whole production

It has more meaning than that

Self-care is remembering 

You are a person 

You are a human being 

Attention and maintenance 

Pruning and watering

These are not optional

Self-care is remembering you 

Remembering that you need attention too

Self-care is more than that

holistically taking care of you

Mind, body, soul

Mentally, physically, spiritually 

Self-care is all the things 

Self-care is safety

Self-care is your safe space

- Wanda Toby


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