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Chrisette Michele's Let Freedom Reign

I got this album and absolutely love it! She had a track with Rick Ross on it that is so freaken hot that I piratically played it out. Let Freedom Reign

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Another single from Adele's 21 album dropping in a month.

Adele - Someone Like You [Later... With Jools Holland] [HD]

Adele's 21 drops in a month, February 22nd, and I cannot wait. I am loving this track.

A Good Start

A Good Start He waited for her by the bench where they first met. He waited for her, not really sure she would take the same path that once led her straight to his heart so many years ago. He waited, not knowing what he would say to compel her. Somehow, “I love you,” does not seem enough, not after what they shared, what they lost. He waited for her, thinking he should go, slink away and hide like the coward he had been. Was there anything that he could really do to make amends? He turned to leave but caught a glimpse, and that glimpse about tore him apart. She was smiling, laughing. It left him wondering how she could be so happy. For a minute he thought she was smiling because she saw him standing there, waiting for her. No. She was smiling at the other him in her life now. He seemed to bring her a joy that could not compare to what they had once shared- what he shattered, what he was not sure he could get back. She looked so happy that he almost did not want to bother. “I love