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From the Shelves of APOOO: This Is What I Signed Up

APOOO is an online author and reader community dedicated to advancing African American literature. Our mission is to expose readers of all ages to a good book in any genre; to support African American authors, books, literary events and bookclubs; to provide marketing resources, tools and tips to authors; and, to promote literacy within the African American community. This Is What I Signed Up For is a novel about a young couple trying to deal with the pressures that life brings. Thomas is a man trying to be all his mate could ask for and more. Darbye is his partner who thinks the world of him. When Thomas loses his job, he doesn’t know how to tell Darbye. His actions and a conversation she has with her best friend makes Darbye think that Thomas may be cheating on her. While they both try to find out exactly what is going on, they both lose sight of what’s really most important to them…each other. This novel is guaranteed to play to all of your emotions. Remember, every action has a r

Box Office: The Soloist comes in at #4

1 - Obsessed (Sony Pictures) $28,500,000 2 - 17 Again (Warner Bros. Pictures) $11,665,000 3 - Fighting (Universal Pictures) $11,441,000 4 - The Soloist (Paramount, DreamWorks, Universal)$9,715,000 5 - Earth (Disneynature) $8,554,000 The Soloist starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. came in the box office top five at number four. Now was this because of the Miley Cyrus rampage backlash? I am sure that and the fact that the film is a drama and that it was in about 500 theaters less than the number one box office holder (Obsessed) has something to do with it. If is because of the Miley mess, I think Foxx got screwed. Regardless, I heard the film was great and that both actors did a fabulous job. Jamie Foxx Apologizes after Miley Lashing Movie Review: Obsessed starring Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles, & Ari Larter

Obsessed starring Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles, & Ari Larter

Derek Charles (Idris Elba), a successful asset manager who has just received a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage to the beautiful Sharon (Beyoncé). But when Lisa (Ali Larter), a temp worker, starts stalking Derek, everything he's worked so hard for, is placed in jeopardy. Okay, so that was the technical yada yada on this already told story. If you have seen The Temp, Play Misty for Me, and the most notable and very successful Fatal Attraction-all great movies- then you have seen this movie. I guess they figured we have never seen it done the “ethnic” way. And trust me folks, we still haven’t. Idris, who I am obsessed with myself, plays the stereotypical deer-in-the headlight male who has no clue, so for one whole hour we watch his stupidity escalate. But he is so good-looking you cannot up and just leave the theatre. Beyoncé is … a singer… and probably should stick to it. Sorry … I digress. I really should give Ms. B a little more credit. She act

Will and Jada Smith Stay Working

The Smiths stay working, don't they? I am especially interested in the HawthoRNe show being that it is about nursing (my soon-to-be, in about a year, profession). On a side note: Is it just me or does Jada look like she needs to be fed? I mean sister girl (and I think she is absolutely beautiful) is looking on the starved side lately ... I'm just sayin'. Will Smith in "Business" with Sci Fi LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Sci Fi Channel is teaming with Will Smith's production company for a new crime drama. TNT closes down 'Trust Me' TNT has three new dramas in the hopper—the Ray Romano series “Men of a Certain Age,” Jada Pinkett Smith's “HawthoRNe,” and Dylan McDermott's drama “Dark ... From Following in the footsteps of Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer and Holly Hunter in Saving Grace, Jada Pinkett Smith (The Women, The Matrix Trilogy) is the latest actress to bring her talent to TNT’s arsenal of strong, complex female characters. In th

News Roll Call: Too Much Reality

Will the barge of reality television ever end? Fantasia as the Latest VH1 Reality Star American Idol Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino, 24, is set to be the latest VH1 celeb-reality star, according to the New York Daily News. ... Cosby Kid Keshia Knight Pulliam Gets Reality Show Seattle Post Intelligencer - ‎Apr 16, 2009‎ The new series follows Keshia Knight Pulliam and her entrepreneur boyfriend, Kaseem Penn, as the two begin to live their young, rich lives together under ... Reality TV for Michael Vick? Daily Press - ‎Apr 15, 2009‎ Michael Vick is shopping a reality TV show, according to reports out of Hollywood from the news service Reuters. The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback is ... Rod Blagojevich: Reality TV, “I'ma Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” Right Pundits - ‎Apr 15, 2009‎ By Shannon Bell Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, has been recruited by NBC to star on their reality based TV show “ I'ma celebrity, ... In other news ... BRANDY LANDS ABC COMEDY PILOT: Sin

News Roll Call: Video Games, Coach, Madden,

Interesting tidbits. The are from a few days ago. Video game industry sales finally take a hit by Daniel Terdiman March revenues for the video game industry dropped 17 percent from a year ago, the NPD Group reported Thursday, the first time in the current recession that the business has seen sales fall. For the month, the analyst firm reported ... I guess, instead of making billions upon billions upon billions, they are just making billions upon billions. I am real broken up over this. But for the sake of the national economy, get out there and buy some video games darn it. Football broadcaster John Madden retires Reed Saxon / AP Football's top voice for 30 years cites family. He put his stamp on popular culture with bestselling video game. By Greg Braxton and Diane Pucin For more than a generation the avuncular John Madden was the principal voice of America's ... Seriously, dude did not have to work so hard. He could have taken it easy. How can anyone blame him for wanting to

YouTube Launches Movie, TV Section

So at first I was excited that YouTube launches a movie/tv site. Then I remembered Netflix. Now I love my Netflix. I really do and I take advantage of the programs that I can watch instantly. However, when they first started there were hardly anything worth watching. In the beginning, I did not take advantage of the Netflix program. Now, when time permits though, there are plenty of options for me to watch. I am hopeful that YouTube will be the same way. It seems to early to decide the fate of this new option. Fortunately, there are many other options out there that will allow movie and television watching online. YouTube Launches Movie, TV Section Sony, CBS, MGM, and others put down their pitchforks and work with the video site to create custom channels similar to Hulu. By Antone Gonsalves YouTube on Thursday unveiled an agreement with major Hollywood studios, including Sony, CBS, ... YouTube Adds Movies, TV; Fails Miserably by Mark Hachman Partners like Crackle, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate,

Starwood sues Hilton Hotels over alleged corporate espionage

Starwood sues Hilton Hotels over alleged corporate espionage Hotel giant Starwood Hotels late tonight filed suit against rival Hilton Hotels, accusing it of stealing trade secrets to help it launch a rival luxury chain quickly and cheaply. My imagination got the best of me when I read the headline. I just started imagining these guys in suits (maybe they decided to wear jeans or black, who knows) copying documents, sliding files from the computer onto their flash drives, all the while looking over their shoulders. Maybe one played the look out. Or better yet, maybe they came at night, snuck into the building with flashlights, scurrying all through the Starwood offices to get the goods. Then again, maybe they did not even do the dirty work themselves. All of this is just me adding some drama to this.

Citigroup is making money ... sort of?

This from way back on April 17th. Just stuff I never got to post. The first headline of Citigroup (one of the ailing banks that received big bailout funds) boast best quarter since 2007. Woohoo, little excite. That's good news. Then comes another report that they posted losses? Since, I am not financially savvy (so obvious lol when you take into consideration my current financial situation) this had me scratching my head. But the third article clarified. It is a little bit of both. The company is in the black; however they loss on the share price. This is still promising stuff people. I doubt things will get better over night but this is a good sign. Citigroup Has Its Best Quarter Since Early 2007 By THE NEW YORK TIMES Citigroup became the latest bank to post better than expected results for its first quarter. The bank on Friday said net income of $1.6 billion, compared with a loss of $5.11 billion in the quarter a year ago. At the same time, ... Citigroup posts loss, delays excha

Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar

Haven't you ever had those moments when you just felt lost, like you needed some direction. This song expresses how I feel in those moments. Your searching for something and you do not even know what it is. In those times when you don't even know what your looking for, you just have to pause and ask for guidance and direction. This song has been around for a while but just started hitting the airwaves. I don't know much about the band, but it is a great song. Band site: VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

LeToya Luckett's "Not Anymore"

I heard this song on the radio and couldn't find it a few weeks ago. However, while I was in my office, I heard it and it was LeToya Luckett. Naturally, I am posting it so I love it- video and song. LeToya - "Not Anymore"

News Roll Call: Solar City, Kanye, Ne-Yo, Heroes

Developers plan first solar city AP UNDATED -- Developers say they're planning the world's first completely solar-powered city in southwest Florida. Syd Kitson, of the West Palm Beach-based Kitson & Partners, said Thursday that the new city will be powered by a $300 million ... This is cool because it is not to far from the town I live in. It might even be in the same county. If the project ever truly gets off the ground it will be an interesting thing to see. At this point, it just sounds like something interesting to report and not something that will actually happen. Kanye's mom's doctor surrenders medical license Nearly a year and a half after Kanye West lost his mother to heart failure after she underwent plastic surgery, Dr. Jan Adams—the doctor who performed Donda ... It is a shame someone had to lose her life in oder to stop this guy. Isn't that how it always is though. There has to be so many accidents before they put a stop light at an intersection or

Entertainment News vs Gossip

If you do not already know by now then here it is again: I love everything in entertainment from movies, to books, plays, music, television, dancing and anything else that falls within the creative realm of our abilities. I think the ability to create art is a divine (the ability, not what is necessarily created all the time lol) gift that brings us closer to the image of our maker. I am fascinated by it and thankful that I have a little part in it through my writing. Consequently, my love for what we are able to do prompted me to start Parlez Entertainment six years ago. With that said, it takes me a while to actually pick what stories of the day I want to blog about. So much of what is out there is just crap gossip. I realize that if I publish every crap gossip story that I see out there, my readership would probably shoot up, and I used to publish a great deal of crap gossip story. I think now my crap tolerance has been duly tested and is quite low. I have no problem blogging about

Shia doesn’t expect to regain full use of hand

Shia LeBeouf busted his hand when he got into an accident a while back. The circumstances surrounding the accident were questionable and LeBeouf’s sobriety was in question. Then when he would not take a breath test, things really got interesting. Turns out that he was not at fault but his driver’s license was suspended because he refused to take the test. Let’s face it, that was smart on his part. I have heard that a person cannot be forced to take a breath test and he/she can refuse. The difference is not everyone can afford to be driven around for a year if our driver’s license gets suspended. Well, I do feel bad for the boy having to have three surgeries on his hand. Obviously, he was able to complete Transformers 2 with a bummed hand, so his movie career is still in tact. Now, that I am glad about because the boy is good in front of a camera. I like his style of acting and he has a nice comedic element to him that works well in his projects so far. Shia doesn’t expect to regain ful

The Dream's Love vs. Money

Dream Love vs. Money I was a surprised fan of The Dream's first album. I loved it, so I did not think twice when his follow-up came out. I should have though. Can someone please tell me why an R&B artist needs to have an “Explicit Lyric Advisory” on his album? Why? There are artist that have weathered through the times to stand out as the best male R&B artist out there and they never once had to throw in any profanity. Cursing up a storm on an albulm is not going to distinguish the artist anymore than not. With that said, I did not immediately take to this album. I had it for a couple of weeks before I even listened to the whole thing. Now, my husband was bumping it and convinced me to give Dream another try. I did and … well there are 10 strong reasons to get this album. Out of 13, that is a really good showing. Personally, if there is a clean version out there, I recommend getting that one. Other than that the album as a whole is a B. It is not better than his first albu

Jamie Foxx Apologizes after Miley Lashing

I have not had a chance to listen to what Jamie Foxx had to say about Miley Cyrus but the tidbits are pretty bad. I did not even know about it when on Leno, Jamie Foxx apologized for his remarks. The apology seemed sincere. Would he be apologizing if he did not having a movie, “The Soloist,” coming out soon? I am sure he would not be apologizing if there was not such a backlash over his comments. I have listened to Foxxhole before and they are harsh on that show. They take no prisoners, and diss everyone. So, should he really apologize? Obviously some of the things he said were not meant to be taken seriously. He admittedly went too far, but maybe he did not, considering the type of radio show he has. Those comments were too far for Miley’s fans because they are harshly criticizing her spoiled brat behavior and pointing out that she maybe headed down the same path as some of the other “bright, shining, young, teen” stars (Paris, Lohan, Britney). It is interesting how they say that Foxx

Don't Even Try to Claim My Child

Gisele says baby feels like hers 100 percent About Moynahan’s son, Gisele said that the child feels like it is 100% hers even though she didn’t give birth to him. She considers him completely part of ... I know I am a month late on this but I did not really pay attention to it before. I just chalked it up to another celebrity family drama, blah blah. However, the article got a second look. Now that I am a mom two times over, there are certain things that do not bother me when it comes to my children. However, when I was a first time mom, everything bothered me. Being a first time mom is a hard thing. My husband was with me all the way and it was still difficult for me. There are so many doubts and so many different emotions to get accustomed to when you have a new baby and it is your very first time. Personally, I could not imagine having to share my baby outside of my home with another family. So when I read Gisele’s thoughtless quote, I cringed and wanted to punch her in the face for

Kerri Hilson Knock's You Down with Kanye and Ne-yo

Knock You Down I just love this video and the song. Oooo, the tension. I know I've been knocked down in my life. Love love love. Keri Hilson - Knock You Down Uploaded by UniversalMusicGroup

EnVogue Together Again

I still bump my EnVogue every now and then. Check them out and catch them on TV One on April 12th.

$4500 Plus Cell Phone Bill!

When I open my cell phone bill, it better not be more than 100 bucks because if it is, sistergirl is about to get real ugly with someone on the phone. That is after I have stopped my heart from beating out of my chest. I would trip if it were over $100, so I cannot even begin to imagine what I would do if I opened my bill up and it was $4700 plus dollars! That is what happened to the father of a young teenager. I am surprised that he did not ring her neck. The girl sent and received 10,000 text messages when her plan did not even include texting at all. I think my eyes would have literally popped out of my head. Of course she did it while she was in school and her grades dropped drastically. I'm thinking her cell phone days are over. Teen's phone meets dad's hammer after mega-bill - ‎Apr 7, 2009‎ The Christoffersens are now asking school administrators at Johnson Junior High School to crack down on cell phone use during school.

I Hate Ciara

Ciara has a new video out, Never Ever, and I am completely hatin' on her. I did not look that good when I was in high school and ran track. She makes me want to live at the gym, get a personal trainer and everything. Mind you, I hate the gym, but I actually thought about going for about five seconds. The girl looks beautiful. I love this song and the video is tight too. It's a good way to come out. By the way, I am throwing my hands up in the air and doing my two step lol.

News Roll Call: Vin Diesal, iTunes, Star Trek

These are all the stories I would have loved to blog about but just did not have the time to get to. Apple Raises iTunes Music Pricing As Much As 30% The variable cost structure will price older songs at 69 cents each, most new tunes at 99 cents, and the hottest hits at $1.29. By Antone Gonsalves Apple's new variable pricing for music purchased through its iTunes store took effect Tuesday, ... Vin Diesel shouldn't get the wrong idea about 'Fast & Furious' success Vin Diesel scored again at the box office with 'Fast & Furious', but he can't take that as evidence that he's bankable. ATLANTA - When T.I. is sentenced this week on federal weapons charges, he is Mariah Carey, Jamie Foxx Set for Apollo Fete Good show: Mariah Carey and Jamie Foxx will help celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Harlem's historic Apollo Theater at a June 8 gala, PEOPLE has learned. ... Nimoy Stuns Austin Crowd with Secret Star Trek Premiere While a world of Trekkers believ

CW's The Game Changing the Plays

First Girlfriends now The Game . Truth be told, I watch the reruns of The Ga me. I wanted to find the episodes so I can get caught up but it seems that by the time I do that, it will be off the air. Word is that the CW wants to focus more on the teeny bopper, soap type programming, and The Game as well as Everybody Hates Chris may be getting their spots ready on the chopping block. In an attempt to save the show, they are pitching it as a dramedy for an hour long show. Personally, I would love to see The Game as an hour long show. I'm hoping it goes down. The Game calls for a trick play on fourth and long The Hollywood Reporter says that the half-hour sitcom The Game will completely re-pitch itself to The CW as an hour-long comedy- drama. ... ATLANTA - When T.I. is sentenced this week on federal weapons charges, he is likely to spend about a year in prison just as his career is at its peak: His latest album, "Paper Trail," has sold almost two million copies, charted t

Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. join Lucasfilm

I am attempting to turn over a new leaf in my quest to be a better person, so I really do not want to diss anyone, right. Therefore, I am going to attempt to comment on this piece of news without dissing Cuba Gooding Jr. The fact is, I would be worried if I were Terrance Howard ... Actually, I would be worried if I were George Lucas. Cuba Gooding Jr . has only put out crap (this is not a diss, proof is in the pudding) movies since he won his Oscar so many moons ago. He has not had any block busters and has had more flops than an Oscar holder should. And let's face it, Terrance Howard has been doing alright but got full of himself after the whole Iron Man (btw, Iron Man 2 started filming and I'm too excited) debacle. I am sure George Lucas is not breaking out in a sweat, but he better have something spectacular up his sleeve. I'm just saying ... Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. join cast of Lucasfilm's 'Red Tails' Lucasfilm has announced that it has complete

Dido's White Flag

I love Dido's music. I got her first album, I think because I heard her song playing on Roswell (there goes that Roswell again). Her voice has this quality that takes me to my "chill mode." I absolutely think this video is fabulous. David Boreanaz (Buffy fan's, you all remember Angel. Hmmm Yum) is a nice bonus. I still get to see him on Bones (another show I have to watch online because I have not time for my guilty pleasures). Check out the video and the song. Very nice.

Fired for Reviewing the Bootlegged Wolverine

There is a big brouhaha over the leak of the new Wolverine movie. The FBI are involved with an investigation and everyone is up on arms over it. As an author, I can appreciate why bootlegging is bad for business. There are people out there who will wait to see the movie in the theaters for the full effect. Then there are those that do not care about that and will watch the bootleg version. Well, this Fox columnist probably should have left the bootleg alone. Maybe he wanted to be hip or cool or whatever. I am thinking that he must have been tired of working and was looking for a way to get fired. How foolish could a person be? He not only watched the bootleg version of a movie put out by his parent company, but he actually posted a review about it. It is almost as though he was condoning it Whatever your views are on bootlegs this was a dumb move. You do not go on national TV after the bank you worked at was robbed and say that you hope the thief gets away with it. Naturally, he got fi

Katherine Heigl Flip Flop

If Katherine Heigl , one of the Grey's Anatomy stars, were on a political campaign, she would be called a flip flopper so fast she would not know which side was right. First she wants to be off the show, now she wants to stay on "if they will have her." Now that her character has some touching scenes and action with some teeth, she wants to stay right. I am all for making sure a person gets what they feel they deserve and ensure that they are not taken for granted. I understand that an actor has to make sure that she is not placed on the back burner. I just think it was tacky to announce that she wanted to leave because she was not happy with her character then do a 180. Wasn't there a different way this could have been worked out? Mind you, I am not attempting to hate on Heigl. I really like her and remember her from her Roswell (I really loved that show) days. I loved her on 27 Dresses too. I just think her behavior (if the reports hold true) is a little bit on t

Queen Latifah sued over payments

The Queen has been sued for not making payments to her celebrity stylist. This went on for a period of three years and added up to $700,000 for one makeup artist and $300,000 for another. I hope that it is a misunderstanding and they can work things out without messing up their reputations. Okay, so it took over three years for these women to try to get their money? I do not care how close we may or may not be, I am not going to let one million dollars slide for over three years. The first time I notice a missing paycheck, someone's face is not getting a lick of Cover Girl on it until the bill is paid. I'm just saying. Queen Latifah sued over payments The Press Association - ‎Mar 31, 2009‎ Queen Latifah is being sued by makeup and fashion gurus who claim the actress didn't pay for their work. Celebrity cosmetology consultant Roxanna Floyd said ...

Cinquain: I Am Alive

I Am Alive I live for the music in the air, I'm breathing the life that I am purposed to Maybe by Me

The Halle Berry YouTube Sensation

Halle was on Ellen promoting her new fragrance ( Celebu-scent: Halle by Halle Berry ). I am a little late on the news but apparently there's a song and video about her on YouTube. Well, she is dancing to it on Ellen. All I have to say is that my Black folk are some creative off the chain folks. Anything can be made cool. I know the dance that they are doing ... LOL it looks more like something my sorority sisters would do (looking mighty cute while doing it too).

Security breach: intruder forces way into actor Jamie Foxx's hotel ...

People are just crazy. This dude was trying hard to get at Jamie Foxx. Security breach: intruder forces way into actor Jamie Foxx's hotel ... USA Today - ‎5 hours ago‎ An unknown man forced his way into Jamie Foxx's penthouse at Philadelphia's AKA Hotel while Foxx was there about a week ago. Celeb tracker TMZ reported the ...

Solange Knowles and T.O.N.Y

I have never been a fan of Solange Knowles' music, but I am so loving her new single T.O.N.Y. It's just hot and the video it really nice. Okay, let me be real. She does this whole hair flipping thing throughout the video that gets quite annoying towards the end, and she really makes you wonder what the heck is really going on when she is on the toilet bowl. I know what's going on but her dramatization is a little over the top. Other than those small things, it is realy a wonderful video. LOL.

To Catch a Predator Haitian V. Style

To Catch a Predator Haitian V. Style It has been a while since I wathced this one, but if you remember Chris Hansen on Dateline's To Catch a Predator then this will be funny. Warning: There's some offensive language.

Haitian V Taxi Cab Confessions Part 1

What do you all know about Haitian V. He is flippin hilarious. Fist off, his taxi cab is his Maxima right! LOL.

Natasha Bedingfield's Soul Mate

I must be in a lovey dovey mood. Whatever ... I love this song! Natash Bedingfield Music

Twilight and Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber

I just purchased Twilight by Stephenie Meyers . I have heard that it is a great love story with intensity (high school love can be intense, right) jumping off the pages. I'm sure it helps the angst that Belle is in love with a Vampire. At any rate, I refuse to watch the movie until I have read the book. Since I do not know when I will actually get to the book, I will stick it on my shelf with my growing stack of read-someday-books. All Twilight Speaking of ultimate love stories, Elizabeth Webber was actually in a scene with Jason Morgan today. Woot woot. I am a little unnaturally obsessed with this soap couple or non-couple on General Hospital and always have been. I have no idea why and it is a crazy. Regardless, I was so glad to watch them for 2 seconds. I haven't watched General Hospital since they started pimping Jason and Sam again, but I am going to set my DVR for Liason tomorrow.