Queen Latifah sued over payments

The Queen has been sued for not making payments to her celebrity stylist. This went on for a period of three years and added up to $700,000 for one makeup artist and $300,000 for another. I hope that it is a misunderstanding and they can work things out without messing up their reputations.

Okay, so it took over three years for these women to try to get their money? I do not care how close we may or may not be, I am not going to let one million dollars slide for over three years. The first time I notice a missing paycheck, someone's face is not getting a lick of Cover Girl on it until the bill is paid. I'm just saying.

Queen Latifah sued over payments
The Press Association - ‎Mar 31, 2009‎
Queen Latifah is being sued by makeup and fashion gurus who claim the actress didn't pay for their work. Celebrity cosmetology consultant Roxanna Floyd said ...


SRS5668 said…
Yeah....how do you go three years without getting paid? I get stupid if the direct deposit is 10 minutes late! Something is not adding up here. Queen looked a hot mess in Mad Money so she might be justified in that lack of payment but come on Queen..... I hope this isn't true. I "Hail the Queen". Damn! I hate when the good ones get caught up!

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