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Movies If I were able to go to the movies this weekend I would have to watch something that has been out already because nothing thats coming out interest me. Heres what's opening (Links are from yahoo, please right click on links to open in a new window) : The Condemned A group of death row inmates compete in a deadly game on an abandoned island, where the surviving winner will avoid execution. Movie Info Showtimes Trailers & Clips Critics Reviews The Invisible Attacked and left for dead, a young man's spirit finds himself trapped in limbo--not quite dead but invisible to the living. Movie Info Showtimes Trailers & Clips Critics Reviews Kickin' It Old Skool A freak breakdancing accident lands a 1980s preteen in a coma, only to wake up 20 years later in a drastically changed world. Movie Info Showtimes Trailers & Clips Critics Reviews Next Nicolas Cage stars as a man pursued by government agents for use of his secret ability: he can see a few minutes in
Now I'm working on my show for all the stuff I have been watching on televion. That's going to take a while but here's what to expect me yakking about: 24 Heroes General Hospital The Real Wedding Crashers Grey's Anatomy October Road Ugly Betty Book: "Can I Get an Amen" Please check back for more on those. For now have a great weekend!
Paris Bennett - Ordinary Love / I'm So Hot Remember the cute little girl from American Idol with the power house voice? She still has the power house voice. She sings her new joing, Ordinary Love, effortlessly. I just can't stand the video. It is so bubble gum and I love pop. I just don't see her like that. Now the second part, "I'm So Hot," is tight. I would of rathered she come out with that first instead. I like a hard core, crumping Paris and the song sounds real hot. Anyway, check it out and listen to my show on the left for more commentary. Feel free to share your opinions.
So take some time to listen to my latest show. I talk about: Cam'ron and his stupid self. I just want to punch him and Anderson (even though I like him) for asking stupid ass Cam'ron these questions. Like he didn't know the sensationalized answer he was going to get from Killa Cam. What the hell! Gas Prices Spider Man 3 Paris Bennette The Bourne Utlimatum What I'm Jamming to Right Now Yahoo Answers: My answers Book: Cathy Maxwell's Bedding The Heiress
Girl Power: Rihanna and Avril These two I am loving right now. Rihanna - Umbrella (2007). This is jsut thesong not the video, and I wish Jay would shut it though. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend I've liked all of her stuff so far.
Bone Thugs N Harmony - I Tried ft Akon OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Okay, so really I am loving this song but ... now you know there had to be a but. At first you would think the lyrics are uplifting and what not. Hold up and listen closer. Is it just me or are they saying they have tried but are just saying the heck with it. I mean, "until then I'll be posted up" ... Okay, so until someone rescues them, they will continue to deal. Well who you waiting on to come rescue you ... You know what. I can't right about this. You all will have to listen to the show. Anyway, the video is nice.
T-Pain - Buy U A Drank ft. Yung Joc (Shawty Snappin) T-Pain is just all over the place and this is (again) my jam. Oh, and he is on this one with R-Kelly and he just killed it. I think he blew R-Kelly out. Not lyrically but his verse was just hotter. Some speculate that's why Kelly came back with he's the king of R&B. I don't think Kelly has to worry about that much. Anyone coming after him would have a lot of catching up to do. He needs to handle the pending court thing and make some classic music. R. Kelly "I'm a Flirt" fea. T-Pain & TI
Ying Yang Twins ft. wyclef jean - Dangerous I know this isn't knew by any means and the Ying Yang twins are just nasty :) but it is still my jam!
If you don't want Spiderman 3 ruined for you then you probably shouldn't watch this seven minute clip because it is going to be so awesome in the theaters. Well, here it is for those of us that can't wait. That would be me :).

Beyonce's "Flaws and All"

So, I'm working on some new shows. It takes a little bit longer now that I have a steady J.O.B. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line real quick about Beyonce's new joint (well, she has a lot) Flaws and All . Well, what can I say ... THAT'S MY JAM! Beyonce - Flaws And All Add to My Profile More Videos
I stuck my foot in my mouth where Imus is concerned! Actually, I didn't. But please listen to why? Disturbia is out this weekend! LaBeauf will also be starring in Transformers and I am so excited about it. Charm School with the Flavorettes and Mo'Nique. Click on this link for more on the new VH1 show. Listen to my show!
Okay, here are some movies that I have been fortunate to catch lately. I talk about General Hospital and other stuff too. Before deciding to go out and see them or rent them, check out my reviews. 300 Holiday Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Listen Now!
Image updates! A little tidbit for everyone. Heroes 8:30 Imus talks trash about the woman on Rutgers' basket ball team 10:00 Howard K. Stern, "You are not the father!" 15:30 Chris Rock's love child 18:30 Beyonce and T-Pain's Buy you a drink 25:30 Listen Now!