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Living Life in the Fast and Anxious Lane

Living Life in the Fast and Anxious Lane If you want to fly, you have to give up the stuff that weighs you down. - Unknown Life has been happening and going and blurring and making us anxious. The years seem to fly by and as we move through them we are evolving and growing. What we focus on in each stage varies. However, what I find now is that technology though marvelous and helpful comes at a price. Although it seems like we are more connected through social media, we also consequently have created an illusion because the reality is we now have an increased level of disconnection and isolation. Research has found that technology and social media use have been linked to an increase in depression, anxiety, and social isolation.  I don’t blame the technology but instead our lack of perspective and ability to pause. We dive in, enamored with the obvious benefits of this new toy, but we do not stop to consider the consequences or the price we pay. We are in a fast-paced life sprinkled wit

Wrath of Man: Broken Trust and Regrets

  Wrath of Man  8.5-9/10 Listen to the show for why Why did it take me so long to watch this movie?  In this show: Wrath of Man-inspired journal prompts 1. When have you trusted someone that you should not have? What did you learn from it? How has it shaped your life? 2. Write about a time you made a decision that you regretted. What did you learn from the situation? Do you still apply those learned lessons?  Rest is Resistance 5:15 Short Dramas 6:10 My Vampire System 7:17 Trailers 10:00 Bad Boys: Ride or Die 11:02 Trap 12:00 Blink Twice 13:35 Wrath of Man 15:44 Movies Now Playing 35:15 Movies Coming Soon 37:40