Wrath of Man: Broken Trust and Regrets

 Wrath of Man 

8.5-9/10 Listen to the show for why

Why did it take me so long to watch this movie? 

In this show:

Wrath of Man-inspired journal prompts

1. When have you trusted someone that you should not have? What did you learn from it? How has it shaped your life?

2. Write about a time you made a decision that you regretted. What did you learn from the situation? Do you still apply those learned lessons? 

Rest is Resistance 5:15
Short Dramas 6:10
My Vampire System 7:17
Trailers 10:00
Bad Boys: Ride or Die 11:02
Trap 12:00
Blink Twice 13:35
Wrath of Man 15:44
Movies Now Playing 35:15
Movies Coming Soon 37:40


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