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J. Holiday Can Put Me to Bed

I am grown, but J. Holiday can put me to bed like a little baby. LOL. This song is on fire right now. I am also including Be With Me because I am feeling that song too. J.Holiday - Bed Add to My Profile More Videos J.Holiday:Be With Me Add to My Profile More Videos Visit J. Holiday's MySpace

Who Knew?

This is my short story inspired by Pink's new single Who Knew . I love this song! Pinks Yahoo Music Page Who Knew by Wanda Toby She waited nervously at the table for him. He didn't go in right away, opting to watch her from the gateway. She fidgeted with the collar of a pink summer dress she wore over white fishnet pantyhose. He smiled as he took her in. After all these years, after everything that happened, she still had her spunk. She looked down at her watch as the waiter approached her. It was comforting to know that she was a little nervous because his mind hadn't stopped racing since her phone call. He watched as she turned to look at a couple to her far right, a little boy that was giving his mother a hard time about sitting still. She smiled brightly at them and waved. The boy waved back vigorously as the mother looked on apologetically. She looked down at her watch again. He felt someone bump him before mumble her apologies. That was his cue to go and meet her. Sh

Chrisette Michele's I Am CD Review

Chrisette Michele a new member of the Island Def Jam family released her debut album this summer entitled I Am. If people are not listening to this phenomenal young lady, music lovers are missing out on a great new voice. Her voice is smooth and just melts over my ears. Her album, I Am, is soulful and full of more than the bling bling or negative images associated with pop music right now. She has a jazzy hint to her R&B melodies that depart form the norm. More than that her words are just touching and moving. 1. Like a Dream. Great intro to this smooth flowing album. It takes me back to when you wanted that boy you liked to even just smile at you and he finally did. It is grown up but cute and the same time. The melody is relaxing and makes me just reminisce. 2. Work it Out. Chrisette shows off her vocals in this one. It is not my absolute favorite. The musical arrangement is outstanding though. 3. If I Have My Way. This is such a throwback. It is definitely one of the jams I wou

THe Deep Blue Sea

So, I have a little boy and girl that I read to just about every night. Can I just take this time out to implore you to read to your children if you don't already do. It is never to late to start and they actually love spending the time with you. Anyway, I have this new book and my son who's the older of the two and can actually understand what I am reading loves it. Get it as a gift for a freind, family member or yourself. It is great for learning colors. The one thing that I don't like about it is that they use the term "fishies." I am sure that the authors are trying to be cute, but when your kids are learning you don't want to teach them the wrong thing. Since my son can't read yet, I just say "fish" instead of "fishies." Other than that, Bruce and Audrey Wood have created a great children's book.

Do You Ever Evaluate Your Life?

Do you ever get to a point when you sit back and wonder what are you doing with your life or where the heck is it going? More often than not, I feel that way. I am doing my daily thing and living life and loving it but then I stop and wonder what more is in store for me. Of course, I have a plan but there is a point when I need to reevaluate the course of the plan. Now for some of you, if you want to make something happen in your life, it is not enough to just talk about it. If you don't already have a list of goals written down then get to it. Don't sit here wasting valuable time by simply wishing things were different. I love a good daydream but, let's face it, no amount of wishing and dreaming is going to allow you to reach your goals any sooner. You have to take action and that action starts with having goals that have been thought out and written down. With that said, your goals can be as spectacular or as minor as you need them to be. It could be as simple as wanting

Apple iPhones Selling More

So, who out there has an iPhone? Ooo, not me! I did get to try one though, courtesy of my brother. It is really just like the commercial. LOL. I felt like I was experiencing a whole other world. I know I sound kinda corny but it is the truth. I felt like I was instantly transported to an imaginary future like the one in Minority Report and I had my hand on this one little futuristic gadget. How about, I wanted to run and get me an iPhone. Just as immediately, I was transported back to my reality where I can't afford a darn iPhone. I returned that sucker to my brother with a quickness before sanity left me again and I did something crazy like charge an iPhone I can't afford to a credit card I have no business using. At any rate, all the features that I played with worked great and the sound quality was fabulous. Since, I am all about adding a little personality and spunk, it would be cool if the phone came in different colors instead of the standard silver. That would definitely

More Commercials For Ya

There's a wonderful thing about and other video sites- no commercials. It looks like Youtube is looking to change that. To give them credit they are not putting commercials on in the traditional sense. They will be having overlay ads at the bottom of select content and those ads will provide the viewer with the option to close them. I actually don't mind that as much as waiting 15 seconds for a commercial to play before I can watch what I wanted to in the first place. I like the having the option of ignoring the ad or clicking for further information if I am interested or not. I do not like being forced to watch a clip or commercial. This is exactly the reason why I would rather search for my favorite music videos on youtube then watch them on I get annoyed with those commercials that I cannot skip through. Youtube Ads Full Story What do you think?

NAACP Pleads on Vic's Behalf

So, Micheal Vic has taken a plea deal. It is said that he will enter in his official guilty verdict sometime next week for a lighter sentence. What happens with the NFL remains to be seen. However, the NAACP is beseeching the commissioner on his behalf, saying that public opinion is unusually harsh. In reality, I think it has been Vic's attitude that has made the public hate him so harshly. The situation is of his own doing, he did not show any real remorse, and almost everyone loves dogs. Honestly, I don't feel that bad for him. Still, people have been forgiven for worst. From NY Daily News on the NAACP helping Vic Across the country from where White spoke, a top legal voice tried to explain the reaction. "I've represented murderers and people accused of terrible crimes, but I have not seen vitriol directed at anyone like it has for Vick," Mark Geragos , the famed Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney, told the Daily News. Among Geragos' clients is Sc

Foxy Brown Doesn't Have the Sense Her Mother Gave Her

Another person I do not remotely, not even a little tiny bit, feel bad for is Inga aka Foxy Brown . She has been ordered to go to jail until she goes to trial to determine whether or not she has violated her parole. The question really should be how many times has she violated her parole. The judge in this case feels no sympathay for her and I cannot blame her. Foxy has been given quite a few chances and she has blown most of them. Taken from the New York Daily News on Foxy "[Foxy] doesn't have enough sense to leave the jurisdiction without getting in trouble," Leo said. The rapper also allegedly played hooky from court-ordered sessions with a shrink and an anger-management counselor, skipping out on both since June, Leo said. "She feels she can report whenever she wants and go to the psychologist whenever she wants," Leo said. "She has an air of entitlement about her." Brown, 27, landed on probation after pleading guilty last year to assaulting two ma

Ryan Seacrest, High School Musical

I am so hating on Ryan Seacrest. Doesn't the dude have enough to do without moving in on the Emmy's as well. Yes, that's right, Ryan Seacrest will the the host for this years Emmy's. Isn't there someone else out there that needs a job? High School Musical 2 was a big hit last weekend. Disney took in over 17 million viewers, the largest ever for a cable network. Let me be honest. I watched it and thought it was cute. It was not better than the first one. Sharpe was a great little villain, and most characters stayed true to their original personalities.

2007 Fall Television: The New Shows

A new fall season is always problematic for me because I have to exercise major discipline. I could easily become a couch potato and engross myself in my favorite shows and event my not so favorites; however, I do have this family to take care of, books to write, and other things to pursue. Therefore, I can't indulge (as much as it pains me) in all these new shows and keep up with my ongoing shows. Nevertheless, there are a lot of new shows that I am really interested in. AOL has a great fall preview page! Click here to view all the new shows. I plan to highlight a new one periodically as well as do updates on all of my old favorites. Admittedly, I will have to cut down on some of my watching pleasure. We will see how that goes. The first highlight is a reality show that I am really excited about. Let it be known, I am not crazy about Hells Kitchen's Chef Ramsay . I think he is crass an rude. With that said, I cannot wait to watch his new show Kitchen Nightmares . There are se

So You Think You Can Dance Winner is ...

Sabra Elise Johnson wins so you think you can dance! Why am I excited like she was my best friend? She was my favorite girl though. It was between her and Danny (who happens to be my favorite guy) and I would have been happy with either win. The SYTYCD season finale was actually enjoyable for a two-hour show. Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls performed her first single from her solo debut and she sounded and looked great. They also performed some of my favorite dances. I think they did great on the season finale. Congratulations Sabra!

So You Think You Can Dance Wraps Up

Tonight is the big night and of course, I can't wait. So You Think You Can Dance wraps up with the announcement of the winner. I am so excited that it is almost a little sad. Seriously, my friends think that I am a little nuts to be crazy about a television show like this. Here's the thing, I have always loved dancing. I think I could have been a dancer in another life. The choreography, the emotion, the exposure, and the process of creation are so inspiring that it moves me to write better. Let's face it, everything always comes back to writing for me. LOL. Anyway, here is a quick recap of last nights show: Sabra - This is my fave chicka; although everyone else is pretty fabulous. I can't believe that she has only been dancing for four years. She is unbelievable. Her solo was great because she had so much energy and just made you happy. Her dance with Neil was not spectacular but I blame that on Shane. His choreography was not all that. Her dance with Lacy, to me, was

BookEnds, LLC — A Literary Agency: Elizabeth Joy Arnold on Luck, Perseverence, and Talent

BookEnds, LLC — A Literary Agency: Elizabeth Joy Arnold on Luck, Perseverence, and Talent This is a great post!

The Last Legion

Starring Colin Firth , Ben Kingsley and Aishwarya Rai , The Last Legion is the epic tale Excalibur's Sword before King Arthur. Now, I am having a difficult time with gauging the movie. It is reminds a lot of 300 in that the odds are definitely against a small group of people that are the under dogs. Just like 300 , I am unsure about seeing this. However, when I finally did watch 300 , I loved it. The other reasons I would want to see this movie is the outstanding cast. I enjoy watching Firth, Kingsley and Rai (yes, I have watched a few of her movies). Bottom line, I will be catching this. It isn't the type of movie I would run to the theater to see but I definitely want to rent it. The Last Legion Official Website What do you think?

Woman Calls Police About 'Fake' Cocaine

I am not trying to call out people from Georgia but this is unreal! A 53 year-old crack head Georgia resident actually called the cops when her $20 fix turned out to be fake crack. She even went so far as to show them the 'fake' merchandise. Was that in Whitney's home town? LOL You can go to for the Crack Head story.

The Invasion

A plane crash, a virus, zombie like humans, and the fight to stay alive. What's not to love about this movie. The trailer grabs me right from the start. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig star in this thriller about a woman who realizes that everyone who contracts an extraterrestrial virus is being transformed into emotionless humans and the only way to stop it is to stay awake. While everyone around her is turning, she has to deal with the added stress of finding her son. Talk about emotional. I always am a sucker for zombie movies and this one is reminiscent of that. Add in a throw back to Freddy K ruger (the whole not sleeping thing) and I am hooked. Visit The Invasion main page.

The Assassination of Lucky Spencer Must Stop!

Let me preface this by commending Greg Vaughn on the wonderful work he does with the character of Lucky Spencer. He brings across what the writers want wonderfully. With that said, I cannot be the only one that is tired of Lucky Spencer and his woes. I refuse to accept that anyone can be sympathetic to what he is going through right now. If you are, I endeavor to change your mind. Why? Well, it is not because I inherently dislike like Lucky. I believe that powers that be (TBTB) in GHland are murdering the fun loving, caring character viewers of General Hospital once adored. In reality, this slow assassination did not start with his drug habit. For any long term General Hospital fan, Lucky hasn’t been himself since he was “killed” in the apartment fire only to be found years later after being Helena’s captive where he was brainwashed. The person that returned in the role of Lucky Spencer was Jacob Young, not Jonathan Jackson. That was a marvelous choice if the intention was for loyal fa

Entertainment Podcast Update

Topics of discussion for the latest show include: Record Breaking Box Office this weekend and J. Lo's flop of a movie El Cantante There are a lot of recalls going on that may affect you. Take some time to visit for more information Usher Secretly Weds Couple gives birth to 17th Kid Nicole Richie to change her ways ... for a couple of days maybbe. McDonald's can make veggies taste better according to a Stanford University Study Bridge Collapse Pics from OJ's book, If I Did It , is being shopped around again and this time it's the Goldman's that trying to cash in. Forbes Celebrity 100 with Oprah on top So, I talk about Kobe Bryant getting a divorce but they pulled that news report. Apparently, his marriage is on the rocks. Hmmmm, let's see how long they will play this game. Barry Bonds is the New Home Run King! Listen Now!

VA Tech Families Don't Want Nas

September 6th is supposed to be a day of upliftment and celebration at Virginia Tech due to a free concert organized to help the community move on. Unfortunately, the spirit of the event may be marred with the protest of seven of the slain family members who think it is a slap in the face to have Nas , the New York City rapper, perform at the event. They do not think that Nas, who has spread his share of violence in his music, is the right person to be at the event because of his violent lyrics. Nas is one of the more prolific rappers who speak to the condition of the urban neighborhoods in which he grew up in a conscience and artistic form. I personally, think he is a good choice for the overall line up. The school comments that they have received positive feedback and have no intention to change. I mean, they could go for Will Smith who, I don't think, has ever had a violent lyric but somehow that would ring shallow.

Making Whoopi on The View

I know I should care but I hardly even watch The View. No doubt, Whoopi won't stir the pot as much as Rosie did but I bet sparks will fly when she gets into a debate with Elizabeth. From ABC News Whoopi Goldberg will bring no celebrity feuds with her when she joins "The View," at least none that she's aware of. "Who knows?" she told The Associated Press. "Anybody could say `I don't like her.' That's OK. I just won't come to your home." Read the rest

R. Kelly Finally Gets a Date

ABC News reported that on September 17, 2006, R. Kelly will finally come before a judge for the child pornography charges. It is five years later, so in case you forgot. R. Kelly was allegedly scene on video (Did you catch it?) having sexual extracurriculars with an underage girl. He had the chicka dancing for him, shaking that boohootyyyyy, and allowing him to potty on her. The real shocker for me is that it has been five years since R. Kelly was charged with 14 counts of child pornography. Has five years really flown by that fast. I still talk about it like it happened yesterday. Although that could be because I was irreversibly traumatized by the images of the video tape. The other thing is that homeboy is 40 years old, and it is a good think he doesn't look it because he still running around like he in his 20s. It is just not cute. After all this time, I really just want justice to be served. I am wondering whether or not there will even be a real case. Five years later, people

Chrisette Michele- Golden

This is my last post for Chrisette Michele for now until I review her album. If you haven't heard Best of Me , please visit her yahoo page. That is my favorite song. Now Golden is going to be the new wedding song. Watch. It is beautiful. Her album is worth picking up ya'll. Chrisette Michele's Yahoo Page

Chrisette Michele - Your Joy

Another nice joint on her album, I Am . Chrisette Michele's Yahoo Page

Chrisette Michele-Good Girl

Please visit her yahoo site. She is a classy, jazzy young singer putting true music out. This is great talent. If you like what you here, go out and support this fresh new artist by picking up her new release, Chrisette Michele's Yahoo Page

4400's Kyle is Crazy

4400 Am I the only one watching. I have to admit that it has been a while since I last posted about 4400 , but I have been watching. Unfortunately, I do not get to tune in on the night it actually airs, Sunday nights. I record it on my lovely DVR (I love that thing) and watch it later on in the week. If you haven’t been keeping up, let me update you. I have to start with Kyle . He is a weirdo. I always thought there was something off about that boy and now it has been confirmed. The boy’s power is a girl that no one else can see or talk to but him. Hmmm … that sounds to me like he has issues of a psychotic kind. Anyway, she basically tells him what to do and he doesn’t ask questions about it. It is almost like she is telling him the future but not really. It wouldn’t be so weird if Kyle himself was not such a freaky guy. I cannot be the only one that thinks he looks at people in an odd way like he is trying to cast a spell on them. Couple that with his talk of Jordan being the messiah

Collapsed Bridge! How Do You Feel?

Can you imagine … getting up in the morning, following your normal morning routine, going to work, then finishing out your day and looking forward to getting home. Then all of a sudden everything changes. What you only imagined or you only see on television actually happens to you. One minute you are riding along listening to your favorite song, or telling your kids to pipe it down, or just mentally planning your evening and the next you are on a collapsed bridge with cars falling below into water and destruction. That is what happened to everyday folks in Minneapolis yesterday evening. The whole thing makes my woes inconsequential when you think about the devastation that those people have to face, some lost their lives, some are hurt, and others narrowly escaped but not without pain. Looking forward to the future, it is hard to imagine how those individuals will ever brave a bridge again. I only heard about it and had palpations on my way to work today when I had to cross over a brid

Are You Satisfied?

It is hard to sit and write or talk about the fun, mind-numbing entertainment stuff this week for me when I feel so blah. That is really the best way to describe it. I just feel blah. I am not quite depressed but I am not my usual happy, cheery self. Why? Well, to be honest, I am not absolutely positive although I have an idea. Don’t you ever feel that way? Even if things are great in your life, you just feel a little out of sorts. One can try to pin point the exact reason but fails at coming up with just one thing. It seems that in life, there can be so many little things that start to pile up until they become almost unbearable which causes a person to feel out of sorts. In this case, searching for that one thing that is wrong just won’t work. So, how can the blah feeling change? Should we wait until it disappears on it’s own? If you hare a proactive person like myself, that may be difficult to do. I would like to take steps to resolve whatever it is so I can get back to being myself
General Hospital With Jason Morgan’s trial for the first degree murder of Lorenzo Alcazar under full swing, every one is on edge. Ric Lansing is working over time to ruin Jason and Sonny Corinthos Jr . and he does not at all care about the collateral damage. He has called Elizabeth Spencer to the stand and has backed her so far into a corner that she looks like a frightened cat. First she has to tell everyone in the courtroom that she slept with Jason while her husband, Lucky Spencer , who was oblivious to the affair watches on with a hurt expression on his face. Then Ric buries her completely by asking her if Jake Martine Spencer is actually Jason’s. Will she be able to bring herself to admit that truth? Ric is a dirty rotten slime ball that deserves to lose everything he has. He should have fallen out of grace a long time ago after the whole poisoning Liz and trapping Carly in the panic room business. Somehow, he managed to keep Elizabeth as a friend but after the trial, there i