General Hospital
With Jason Morgan’s trial for the first degree murder of Lorenzo Alcazar under full swing, every one is on edge. Ric Lansing is working over time to ruin Jason and Sonny Corinthos Jr. and he does not at all care about the collateral damage. He has called Elizabeth Spencer to the stand and has backed her so far into a corner that she looks like a frightened cat. First she has to tell everyone in the courtroom that she slept with Jason while her husband, Lucky Spencer, who was oblivious to the affair watches on with a hurt expression on his face. Then Ric buries her completely by asking her if Jake Martine Spencer is actually Jason’s. Will she be able to bring herself to admit that truth?

Ric is a dirty rotten slime ball that deserves to lose everything he has. He should have fallen out of grace a long time ago after the whole poisoning Liz and trapping Carly in the panic room business. Somehow, he managed to keep Elizabeth as a friend but after the trial, there is no way Elizabeth will ever be a friend to him again.

In other General Hospital happenings, Jasper Jax is back and looking might nice. Well, he actually looks beat up and scruffy, but he does where it well. They seems to be trying to shake up this story line by adding Irina, Jerry’s ex-girl whom he thought was dead, to the mix. The problem is that she seems to be intolerable. Of course, she is not a good person and is out to get revenge on Jerry for what happened to them so she is not really supposed to be likable. I can’t seem to bring myself to love to hate her. James Craig aka Jerry Jax- I love to hate. Ric Lansing- I love to hate. Carly Corinthos Jones Spencer Jax- I love to hate. Maxie Jones- I love to hate. Irina- I just can’t stand to see her on my screen. The whole story line is a total bore to me right now.

Jerry and Carly are on their way to Venezuela. Carly and Jerry made a deal. If Jerry helps Jason get off, she will be nicer to him. Of course the deal is not at the expense of getting Jax back home safely. What Carly doesn’t know is that Jerry is no longer in control of the Jax situation because Irina has gotten a hold of him and is waiting for Jerry to make an appearance so that she can kill Jax in front of him. It is probably better that Jerry does not let on to Carly that he doesn’t know where Jax is because Carly would go complete ballistic and really mess up the situation. Instead, they are on their way to Venezuela.

Samantha McCall is still a hot annoying mess and is about to lose her mind. I will admit that although it is great for soap opera, I cannot tolerate a chick on revenge rampage with the exception of Faith Rosco and Helena Cassadine. Those two ladies were just spectacular at being evil and I love it when they were plotting some dastardly dead. However, the problem I have with Sam is that she is in a lala land where she makes up her own truths. It is very akin to when Carly first came in to town and wanted to get revenge on her mother. Over the years though, I have grown to accept Carly’s alternate reality because, after all, she is Carly. However, Sam teaming up with Maxie to bring Elizabeth down is so juvenile. Can the powers that be (TPTB) please pull her into another story line that is more conducive to Kelly Monoco’s beauty and talent? Is that really too much to ask? Maybe it is.

Logan Hayes is working his magic on Lulu Spencer and before you know it they will be doing the love hump and then breaking up and then getting back together again. It is odd but I like Logan especially when he is working extra hard to be nice to Lulu and trying to tone down his rage. This week Lulu admitted to Damien (Jackal) Spinelli that she is willing to open her heart to love. Hmmm, I wonder where that came from. He was heart broken that it wouldn’t be with him, but the Jackal vowed friendship no matter who she ends up with. Will he be saying the same thing when he finds out it is Logan.

Dr. Robin Scorpio and Dr. Patrick Drake are so cute this week. Both are trying not to be overly concerned about Anna (Robin’s mother) and Noah (Patrick’s father) hooking up. The thing is that there hasn’t been any proof to refute there assumption or deny it, but it is great to watch them squirm around the idea. In his attempt to impersonate Eli Love so that he can have surgery though, Noah has taken a big risk by putting himself in direct line of temptation. Noah is a recovering alcoholic and Eli Love is a well known drinker. This week Noah, apparently takes a sip of Vodka. Will this be the start of his spiral back to the bottom of the bottle after he has worked so hard to rebuild his professional career and stay over a year sober?

Kate Howard and Sonny have done the deed. This week though she is furious with him because she thinks that he has somehow used her. He states that he hasn’t but she’s not so sure. When she is called to testify against Jason, Kate make Ric look like the idiot that he is by flippantly answering his questions. It was actually very funny. I am going to love seeing Kate and Carly mix it up especially since Carly does not yet know that Kate is a homegirl. Sonny couldn’t help but smile as Kate was explaining to Ric that she often uses murderous statements when she is on the phone and no one has accused her of calling in a hit. It was so hilarious that even Jason had to turn around and look at Sonny.

Diane, Diane, Diane is my girl. TPTB need to have her on screen more. She is hilarious and sassy and tough. Even though things are not looking good for Jason in the courtroom, Diane still manages to wipe the floor with Ric and make herself look fabulous. I just love this character.


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