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Got Stress? What is your quick relief?

Things are supposed to be lite. My life is supposed to be lite and lively and drama free. That is definitely easier said than done sometimes, especially when there are screaming kids around, a messy house, guests coming, stress full job, loneliness, mourning and well, just life’s ups and downs. I like to keep focus on the things that make me happy and keep my stress level low. What are those things? If I have to ask myself, then clearly I am not engaging in them enough or making enough time for them. So tonight, when my shoulders are tense and my heart is heavy, I decided to engage in one of those things that bring me joy- writing. For me, writing is a quick and easy way to get a load of crap off my chest. I am amazed at words on paper; I love them. So, I am writing this little quick post to cathartirize (I am well aware that’s not a word but I really wanted to impress upon the readers how cathartic writing is for me LOL) my emotions. Freeing myself and my mind of the things that s