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Fifth Harmony is Down

Fifth Harmony's holding you Down. I have loved this group ever since X-Factor days. I was sorry to see them go down to four instead of five but I am loving this new single nevertheless.

False Liberty

False Liberty Freedom Feels fleeting and fake when the demands of society squeeze you into a box

Stress Less Tip: Put Yourself in Time Out

Stress Less Tip 3: Put yourself in Time Out Time Out Chaos lately has moved into your life, parked there fight, stop and take a breath for a minute -Wanda M. Toby Give yourself a time out. That's right. If you are a parent, you may be used to giving your child a time out and it has some negative emotions attached to it. Let us flip it. Give yourself a time out. We give children time out usually during a chaotic time. Maybe they just got busted in the act of doing something naughty. Whatever the cause or the reason, timeout usually comes after something out of the ordinary happens. You may not have done anything naughty but your life might be a little hectic. Maybe you have just gotten home from work and need to fix dinner or do homework with the kids or need to run to the next event and you feel pressed for time. Your blood pressure is most likely climbing up and you do not even notice. Stop. Stop and find a spot and pause. It does not even matter if it is quiet as l

Kelly Rowland Playing Dumb with Trevor Jackson

Get your dance on with Kelly Rowland in her fun video, Dumb. I love the song, love the video, love the dancing. I play it in the morning when I want to get the blood flowing with a quick three minute heart pumping dance. She also has a wonderfully infectious smile that will do well to brighten your day. Smile and dance along. Get your natural morning high going. Get dumb :).