Stress Less Tip: Put Yourself in Time Out

Stress Less Tip 3: Put yourself in Time Out
Time Out
lately has moved
into your life, parked there
fight, stop and take a breath for a
-Wanda M. Toby
Give yourself a time out. That's right. If you are a parent, you may be used to giving your child a time out and it has some negative emotions attached to it. Let us flip it. Give yourself a time out. We give children time out usually during a chaotic time. Maybe they just got busted in the act of doing something naughty. Whatever the cause or the reason, timeout usually comes after something out of the ordinary happens. You may not have done anything naughty but your life might be a little hectic. Maybe you have just gotten home from work and need to fix dinner or do homework with the kids or need to run to the next event and you feel pressed for time. Your blood pressure is most likely climbing up and you do not even notice. Stop.

Stop and find a spot and pause. It does not even matter if it is quiet as long as you still your mind. Give yourself some time, start with 1-5 minutes. Close your eyes and take a few deep breath, inhale, exhale. Think about the ones you love, what they do to make you smile. Tell yourself you are awesome and you can do this. Think about how fortunate you are to be able to be. Take one to five minutes, then get up, shake it off, and get a move on. That little activity can help to balance you out and allow you to take your next step with new purpose and maybe a little bit more mental energy.


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