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Mary J. Blige's Mr. Wrong

  I have to admit that I had stopped listening to Mary J. Blige for a few years now as I was not excited about some of her projects. However, I heard this song on the radio recently and really enjoyed it. Maybe the timing is right and I am caught up in my feelings (being the holidays and all) or maybe it is the fact that we all (male and female) have had an encounter with someone we wanted more from and it resonates in that empty space or maybe it is just a darn good joint that I missed because I was not feeling MJB lol.   Whatever it is, the lyrics inspired the above.   Mr. Wrong Feels good when he touches my flesh but my soul is void, from this emptiness we must break free. A WMT Cinquain

Race in America: What Pains Me

What Pains Me There are so many people that are blind to the fact that we live in seperate and distinct realities. One where everything is rosey and people cannot imagine that racism is real in this day and age. The other where good, hardworking, moral, law abiding Black people (yes they do exist. We are not mythical unicorns) face injustices (subtle and overt) like not getting a job or getting profiled and harassed by law enforcement or housing discrimination or inferior education etc. etc on a regular basis. What pains me in this situation is the indignation that the "blind ones" display when the Black community has the nerves to speak out against such things. As though we should simply be greatful that we have been allowed a seat at the table and forget that they are passing the plates to everyone but us and we are there hungry, smelling the food but unable to help ourselves to our fair portion so that we may also partake in the meal. What pains me is the complete

Share Love All Year

  Share Love Let us come together and lift each other up for the season to spread love is year round. A WMT Cinquain

Dance and Live

I have to admit that I haven't danced as much as I could have. Instead, I have let annoyances and stress get the best of my mood. The holidays are also the time I put a brave face on and pretend that memories of loved ones lost are not particularly haunting me. So I forget to dance when I should do it more. Jump around to a tune. It will feel good. Let's all engage in some RDT (random dance time)!

Sexy Leg Workout

A quick morning mood elevator.  It really took only 15 minutes, and I haven't worked out in months. Let's go!