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I am a romantic, maybe too much so. I love romance in books, movies, television and espcially soaps. General Hospital Patrick and Robin are just too cute for words. I like the simplicity of their latest disaggreement: The Couch Saga. I love their latest scenes together, and I am not usually a fan of the voice over but I think they do a great job.
There were lots going on last week on the television front. 24 and American Idol came back. Updates have been made so check out the new radio shows. I also have a new PE udates on entertainment news/rumors and tidbits. Visit the Radio Show Page!
Now, I have taken my Thursdays back. I put the kids to bed at around eight while I' m watching Ugly Betty. I really don't like to be disturbed during Grey's Anatomy, so my son has to be asleep. My daughter stays up until about ten but I can handle watching television with her. After I'm done watching, I try to do my shows real quick while everything is fresh but it was late last night, so I waited till this morning. My son decides to get up with me. It wasn't too bad besides him driving me up the wall but that is nothing new. Be sure to go to my podcast page to see all the segements. View all segments. Betty: The ugly is back. This was a really good episode. I actually felt bad for Danial after he got played. Now you know he is going to be the biggest player ever. Whoever comes next will have big problems. I have to say that there have been better episodes but this was still a pretty good one. Of course, Christina is my favorite and she did not dissapoint. You can s
ANNOUNCEMENT I know I need some new music for my radio show. To be honest, I just don't have the time to put together something new, and I still like all of the songs playing. For now, they will have to do. I am working on a new playlist though. I welcome your suggestions. Send me an e-mail at
Okay, if you listened to my I Love New York review and wondered how bad it is. Take a look at the promo.
The real Beyonce! This is one of my fave youtube videos. This little girl is too cute. The vid was on America's Funniest videos a couple of years back.