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Why do you believe in God?

A friend once asked my why do I believe in God. My instinctual answer was, “I don’t know because I just do.” That answer is not clear enough. That answer takes for granted that some people will not understand the “I just do” part. That answer takes for granted that there are some who are looking for holes in my belief in the existence of God and the “I don’t know” seems to provide that gaping hole . “Of course you don’t know why you believe because you have been fed what to believe. You have been fed God,” is what the detractors would use to plug what they see as a hole. I had to think about this. I had to think to myself, why did I have to say, “I don’t know.” Then I came to the conclusion that it was not a slip of the tongue. It was not a mistake. It is the clearest and most honest answer that I can provide. “I just do” is even better because my answer to the question is quite circular. I will start with a force, an unknown force that compels me to believe. I cannot explain this f

Just Dance 2

I know that  Just Dance 2 came out weeks ago and I am a little late. In fact, I'm a lot late because I still do not have it yet. I am about to purchase it and get my dance on with the family. I am still working on crowning all of the songs on Just Dance .

Authenticity by Foreign Exchange

I purchased Authenticity by Foreign Exchange a few weeks ago and must say that it is definitely worth the buy. It has a jazzy, urban soul feel to it and just flows nice. Worth the time and money.

The Foreign Exchange - Maybe She'll Dream Of Me (Lyrics)

This is just hot. Their new album Authenticity comes out soon. You can pre-order from Amazon. The Foreign Exchange Official Website

Tananarive Due, where have you been all my reading life?

I’m sure she has been around doing her writing thing, while I was under the romantic fiction boulder. I tend not to venture out of my favorite genre too much; however, on this occasion, I am so happy that I did. *** Tananarive Due Website *** I picked up Tananarive Due's My Soul to Keep in the middle of a very difficult grieving process and actually had to put the book down not because it was not captivating though. I had to put it down because where I was in my grieving, reading My Soul to Keep proved to be too disturbing. So, once I was in a better place, I could not wait to finish the novel. Mind you this book came out in 1997 and I am just now discovering it, but what a great find! The main character is Dawit, an African immortal, who breaks all the rules to keep his beloved family intact. I was initially intrigued by a person who lives forever but who is not a vampire or demon or alien. He has no super powers, can’t see through walls, or bend metal with his mind. He