Tananarive Due, where have you been all my reading life?

My Soul to Keep
I’m sure she has been around doing her writing thing, while I was under the romantic fiction boulder. I tend not to venture out of my favorite genre too much; however, on this occasion, I am so happy that I did.

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I picked up Tananarive Due's My Soul to Keep in the middle of a very difficult grieving process and actually had to put the book down not because it was not captivating though. I had to put it down because where I was in my grieving, reading My Soul to Keep proved to be too disturbing. So, once I was in a better place, I could not wait to finish the novel. Mind you this book came out in 1997 and I am just now discovering it, but what a great find!

The main character is Dawit, an African immortal, who breaks all the rules to keep his beloved family intact. I was initially intrigued by a person who lives forever but who is not a vampire or demon or alien. He has no super powers, can’t see through walls, or bend metal with his mind. He just does not die. What I loved about the novel was the way in which Due somehow managed to create a character that one should really hate but that I could not despise.

She also uses her pen to detail such vivid, disturbing scenes that I could almost feel the mosquitoes attacking me as I read. If you are anything like myself and bury yourself in one genre, please take some time to step away and pick up Tananrive Due’s My Soul to Keep. It is definitely and oldie but goody. I have already ordered the follow up, The Living Blood, and cannot wait to get it.

My Soul to Keep will hopefully be on the big screen with Blair Underwood playing the starring role. I could definitely see him as Dawit as fine as he is. Catch Blair Underwood on NBC's The Event


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