Kanaval and Gagot by Sydney Guillaume

A few years ago I posted about Sydney Guillaume, a Haitian choral composure, whose work is being sung by choirs all over the world. Through his art and talent, he is sharing Haitian culture and exposing our marvelous resilience throughout the world.

Check out my previous post and his song Twa Tanbou.

Kanaval is not new but always puts me in a good mood. It makes me want to get up and dance and revel in the glory of my life.

The second song I want to highlight is titled Gagot which basically means a hot mess. I really enjoy this composition because I think it not only captures the essence of the Haitian people but also what life is all about. Often times, we expect or would like to live in this perpetual state of joy and happiness when in reality to live life is to push through layers upon layers of mess. On the surface, it may seem like a bleak understanding of our existence, but the miracle is in our ability to push forward and create moments of joy and happiness and fulfillment in the midst of the mess.
Phot by dghchocolatier
"Se je fo nan soufrans ki pote delivrans"
It's striving in suffering that brings redemption -Sydney Guillaume
Our lives are art. Our lives are gifts. Our daily messed up lives are what epic stories are made of. Our existence is a beautiful tapestry of struggle and love and survival and fight and grit and wonder and awe. We get so stuck in our problems that we forget about the joys that will come. We forget to breathe and marvel in our breath. We are all guilty, even the best of us. That is why we have to not only be mindful of how our pain and struggles but also of our power to smile/laugh in the midst of it all. Be mindful of our power to heal and will to do better and change. Be mindful of the miracle that we are.

Check out his page for more information
Sydney Guillaume Website
Sydney Guillaume on Youtube
Sydney Guillaume on Twitter

Se je fo nan soufrans ki pote delivrans
It's striving in suffering that brings redemption
-Sydney Guillaume


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